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British nationalist YouTuber Mark Collett, who typically pushes a populist, David-Duke-style, Elders-of-Zion-lite "conspiracy theory" view on the modern world, has attacked fellow YouTuber Sargon of Akkad's decision to stop producing his "The Week in Stupid" (TWIS) videos.

Collett, who was once in the BNP, and used to have a giant girlfriend with an enormous swastika tattooed on her, called Sargon (real name Carl Benjamin) weak and deluded in his latest video, and attributed Sargon's decision to stop TWIS to a hit piece in the Sunday Times entitled 'Racist' troll who sent rape tweet addresses UKIP members

Essentially Collett is attempting to call Sargon a cuck in the hope that Sargon will reply with a video of his own.

Instead Sargon replied with a comment under the video, which Collett immediately pinned to the top of the commet thread. The comment dismissed Collett's narrative:

This is fake news, Mark. I am not "walking away" and my decision was not inspired by the MSM. Hit pieces from the MSM come at me daily, and will continue.

Frankly I am tired of grinding the news cycle and I want to do better things. I never enjoyed punditry and I am happy to end TWIS on a high note of 350,000 regular viewers each week.

The bottom-feeders who seek to make a name off mine are also tiresome, but far less so. This has nothing to do with the alt right or being on a fence.

I don't expect a correction from you, you don't answer to me, you answer to your audience. They will decide if you propagating false narratives is something for which they should hold you to account.

Looked at objectively, it seems that Collett is in the wrong here. If Collett went without making a video for a couple of weeks, or decided to change his style of working, would we be justified in calling him a "cuck"? Obviously not.

Nobody, least of all a fellow YouTuber, has the right to make these kinds of micro-managing comments about another YouTuber, especially one that is way more popular. 

While Collett has a respectable 49K subscriptions for his lively rants about "they" and "them" who want to "destroy the White race," Sargon has nearly 20 times that. Really, this is just Collett using a well-known technique to grow one's YouTube audience by picking a fight with a bigger YouTube star and hoping he responds in kind. But Sargon, it seems, is wise to it.

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sirahk al shadid said...

Collett was right, as usual. 5 years later and im pretty sure Collett has proven to be 1000X the leader that goofball Sargun is.

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