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With a pattern inspired by lots of small mug shots of convicted child rapists, a new wallpaper has been created that perfectly captures the rich diversity and beauty of multicultural Britain. 

Featuring groups of child rapists from 22 separate English towns where literally thousands of children were "groomed" with drink and drugs by mainly Muslim gangs before being raped and pimped, the design creates a spellbinding and strangely reassuring effect that will adorn the sitting rooms and bedrooms of Britain.

I mean, it would be a lot worse if it was just one big picture of a single rapist staring down at you from the wall with murderous lust in his eyes, wouldn't it? 

To paraphrase Stalin and Sadiq Khan:

"One rape is a tragedy, a million rapes is just mildly comforting background noise, a bit like terrorism being part and parcel of life in a big city."

Beautiful and inspiring!


Anonymous said...

You seem to have left out the thousands of white paedophiles and rapists. Why have you done that? It would be very easy to make a collage of all white faces, wouldn't it. SO what does it prove?

Anonymous said...

Hit us with some stats that prove White males are particularly prone to this kind of behavior or shut the fuck up. The South Asian rapists in Rotherham who groomed and raped thousands of girls came from a community that was less than 5% of the borough's population. Of course, Whites are also to blame in respect to allowing young girls too little supervision and moral guidance, but not in actually raping these girls to the extent we see from Asian/Muslim men.

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