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In a stunning display of media-hyped "repetitive marcher syndrome," around 100,000 people, who usually go on any Left-wing march ("Rapefugees welcome," "hate Drumpf," etc.) have marched through London again, with lots of badly made signs carrying shitty memes.

This time the apparent excuse for this outburst of pointless Left-wing marcherism was the so-called "People's Vote," aka the "Brexit Losers' Vote," by people who supposedly favour Britain remaining a province of the German Cuck Empire of the EU. 

According to the proponents of the "People's Vote," there are now millions of young people who can vote but couldn't in 2016, and these young people would support staying in the EU as only around 27% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 supported Brexit in 2016. 

Also implied is that millions of Brexit-supporting "oldies" -- i.e. people who actually had long experience of how the EU developed from a fun Euro-club into a soul-crushing, centralising tyranny -- are now dead. 

Based on this shaky demographic "logic," the "People's Vote" campaign, which is funded by George Soros, argues that Bremainers would win a second referendum. 

But there is an obvious flaw in their logic. If people only support Brexit or Bremain based on their age groups, then what about the 16 million people who actually voted to remain in the EU? They are now two-and-a-half years older, which means that millions of them now support Brexit. 

For example a 23-year-old voter in 2016 had a 73% chance of voting Remain, but now that has shrunk to 62%; while somebody who was 43 at the time has now flipped from a 48% chance of supporting Brexit to 52%.

But, of course, the real point of the "People's Vote" and the "People's March" has nothing to do with Brexit or even politics. 

The British people already had their vote, and it was 52% to leave the EU in the face of enormous pressure from the Globalist media to remain, economic blackmail, and an incident of a cute young female anti-Brexit MP being butchered in what looked like an obvious psy-ops operation.

The real point of this event is simply to give the unwashed freaks, zombies, and NPC losers who always go on Left-wing marches the chance to have another march. It could literally be about anything. 

In short, this is the social life of these sad, pathetic creatures, so feel pity for them and hope it rains.

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