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Killer Brockhill and "mother" Smith

One of the big secrets of our modern degenerate society is the epidemic of domestic violence in the lesbian community. Another big secret is the epidemic of violence against kids by non-parent partners.

Both of these factors seem to have been present in the news story that has shocked the UK, the brutal murder of Star Hobson, a 16-month toddler, by the lesbian partner of her mother. 

As reported by the BBC:

A woman who murdered her partner's 16-month-old daughter after months of "neglect, cruelty and injury" has been jailed for a minimum of 25 years.

Star Hobson suffered "catastrophic" injuries at the hands of Savannah Brockhill, her mother Frankie Smith's "violent-tempered" girlfriend.

Judge Mrs Justice Lambert said the toddler was "caught in the crossfire" of the pair's toxic relationship

Smith was sentenced to eight years for causing or allowing Star's death.

As usual in cases like this there were plenty of warnings from people who knew what was going on. But the authorities didn't want to take action in case a proactive response was interpreted at "homophobic:"

A seven-week trial heard Star had endured a campaign of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the couple, who had managed to fend off police and social workers despite five referrals from concerned family members.

Sentencing, Mrs Justice Lambert told the pair they had "both behaved in a cruel and callous way" towards the toddler, who was the victim of "pointless and self-absorbed rows" as they became consumed by their tempestuous relationship.

It was Brockhill's "fatal punch or kick", delivered with "the force of a car crash" on 22 September 2020, that damaged Star's internal organs and caused deadly internal bleeding, the judge said.

Making this case all the more vivid for the British public are various social media posts by Brockhill. 

In one snap chat video she jealousy threatens other lesbians with kneecapping if they attempting to contact her girlfriend. In other videos she appears to commit creepy lesbian abuse against the helpless child.

Right now this is being seen as merely a case of "individual evil." The bigger picture of a degenerate society in which broken families, dysfunctional pairings, and lesbian jealousy, violence, and abuse are normalised is being ignored.  

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