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The Currents no longer have to be Counter any more.

The Alt-Right is full of heart-warming moments, of shy, sensitive people getting in touch with others and finally their deep inner selves. 

"Become who you are," as Richard Spencer famously said before becoming a coke head philanderer who beat up his pregnant wife. 

One of the most touching tales of self-discovery, however, is surely that of Greg Johnson, the effete, intellectual editor of Counter-Currents, the publisher of quality books like this one:

For many years Johnson has been a deeply conflicted individual, presenting himself as a future heroic leader of his people, while struggling with his gay sexuality and love of unicorns. 

This conflict runs deep and hard in Johnson, piercing him to the very centre of his being, causing him deep joy, pain, and psychic confusion. 

It has even surfaced in his work from time to time, as we see with his cover design for his latest book, "Poor Little White Boy 3," which, in some dark, Freudian way, is oddly based on an obscure porn video called "The White Nationalist Manifesto."

Touched by his obvious plight, many kind people in the Alt-Right have attempted to help Greg resolve this inner conflict by getting him to embrace and celebrate his beautiful gay sexuality. 

Unfortunately for Greg, as we see in the above Livestream (at the 50:57 mark), he was not ready to face his true sexuality and took a powder, instead preferring to implicitly "signal" his gayness by little quirks and mannerisms, and a voice that sounds like a scout master on helium. 

But now, thanks to the help of other kind friends, Johnson has finally managed to build up the courage to publicly embrace his homosexuality in public. 

Most of the credit must go to Pilleater, who secretly recorded a conversation with Johnson, in which the Counter-Currents chief unambiguously admitted his homosexuality and predilection for gay sex. But thanks should also go to those other kind people who then spread the good news far and wide by posting the recording online, both at Archive.org and YouTube, where both Luke Ford and Matt Forney discussed Johnson's brave coming out on their Livestreams. 

The key passage in the recording is at the 47:20 mark, where Johnson clearly says:

There's actually a group of guys who are mostly gay and some of them bi-sexual on Facebook who are in the Alt-Right scene, and I belong to the group."

This may seem like a small step to take for a man, who everybody already knew was gay, but it was a giant step for Johnson-kind, an open and defiant public admission of his total gayness before the World. 

Other priceless quotes include:

"Your brother is a handsome, blossoming guy." — Greg Johnson"

"Brandon is a flirt! If he thinks you're cute, he's going to flirt with you!" — Greg Johnson (Regarding the fact that three different homosexual guys had approached "Pilleater" for homosexual "relations" at a CC conference.)

Pilleater: Should I go on the Matt Forney show tomorrow?

Greg: Please don't!

Pilleater: I just want to talk about how I feel about certain people, and how the homosexual community is latching on to the alt-right movement.

Greg: Which people?! My anxiety level is rising!

What a beautiful moment! I feel that an angel or a butterfly has finally got her wings.

Johnson's "spirit animal" frolics in joy at his liberation.


Anonymous said...

The Alt-Right is like the Catholic Church riddled with gays like Spencer Johnson and Millennial Woes who constantly catfight.

Anonymous said...

This must have been why Amazon decided to stop selling his books.

Unknown said...

Do you really believe the philandering and wife beating rumours swirling around " Dandy Dicky"? Based on how he reacted to the manarexic antifa cadres weak attempt at a sucker punch, my money is on the Dugin honeypot.

Unknown said...

Do you really believe the philandering and wife beating rumours swirling around " Dandy Dicky"? Based on how he reacted to the manarexic antifa cadres weak attempt at a sucker punch, my money is on the Dugin honeypot.

Anonymous said...

Francis J. Nally shouldn't be calling anyone else "creep." He literally has admitted on his own channel, tacitly admitted that he GETS OFF to SUPER CREEPY "pedophilic boy boy scenarios" in Japanese comics. He's praised these in the past as "SO CUTE."

Please. Someone should RECORD and FIND that video. He's scum.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Johnson rightly manages to point out that NONE OF THE PERVERTS outside of the 3 people who work on Counter Currents, have nothing to do with Counter Currents.

Francis is SCUM. He's trying to associate himself and other genuine PERVERTS with dissident ideas.

He is an Antifa plant.

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