Was "getting his life together" or something.
Half of America is being burnt down because Big Media and Big Tech (which effectively acts as media) decided to show video of George Floyd being restrained under the knee of an arresting officer. Floyd of course later died. 

Big Media and Big Tech could instead have thought, "Look, if we allow this to run, there are going to be massive riots and shit," and then kept their knee firmly on the story until several things became better known -- like the actual autopsy, Floyd's background, and WTF he did to get a police man restraining him like that. 

I mean it's not as if Big Media and Big Tech are complete novices when it comes to killing a story they don't like. 

You might have had a riot eventually anyway, but there would at least have been a counter-narrative to push back with to take the wind out of the rioters' sails. 

Instead, Big Media and Big Tech splashed out that most incendiary part of this story -- the "knee video" -- and then stocked up on popcorn to watch America burnt. 

As usual, however, this case is a lot more complicated than at first presented. 

"Gentle giant" George, it turns out, had quite a long rap sheet for drugs and violence, including a robbery with aggravated assault, where he entered a woman’s home, shoved a gun into her ribs and searched the home for drugs and money.  

As reported by the Daily Mail:

Floyd pleaded guilty to the robbery where another suspect posed as a worker for the local water department, wearing a blue uniform in an attempt to gain access to the woman’s home, according to the charging document.

But when the woman opened the door, she realized he was not with the water department and attempted to close the door, leading to a struggle.

At that time, a Ford Explorer pulled up to the home and five other males exited the car and went up to the front door.

The report states the largest of the group, who the victim later identified as Floyd, ‘forced his way inside the residence, placed a pistol against the complainant’s abdomen, and forced her into the living room area of the residence.

‘This large suspect then proceeded to search the residence while another armed suspect guarded the complainant, who was struck in the head and sides by this second armed suspect with his pistol while she screamed for help.’

Not finding any drugs or money at the house, the men took jewelry and the woman’s cell phone and fled in their car. A neighbor who witnessed the robbery took down the car’s license plate number.

Later, police tracked down the car and found Floyd behind the wheel. He was later identified by the woman as the large suspect who placed a gun against her stomach and forced her into her living room, the document states. 

Floyd served five years for that, then moved to Minneapolis in 2014 where he found work as a "bouncer."

All this is obviously quite relevant to the events leading to his death as his violent background and demeanour might partly explain the excessive force used to restrain him, while drugs could also have been a major factor in his death.

Meanwhile the violence and destruction that has resulted from this incident can be laid squarely at the door of Big Tech and Big Media, who refused to sit on this story until all the facts were known. In fact, their behaviour is the equivalent to screaming "Fire!" in a crowded theater. 

Yes, Big Tech and Big Media, your work here is done.

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  1. Well, who (((owns))) the big media? Are they to blame?

    1. Take your retarded Jew-obsessive BS somewhere else. Egalitarian Leftism is a collective project that includes many groups, including other Whites besides Jews.

    2. Jews are at the center of this, you'll figure it out eventually.

    3. Your an idiot.
      You'll figure that out eventually.

  2. It doesn't matter if the guy was a criminal or not. The entire racism card is bullshit. Did the cop make any racist comment? Does he have any history of being discriminatory towards blacks? No. In fact he is married to a Asian immigrant. He has sixteen other complaints on his record about his shitty policing and it's from mostly whites. He would have used this force on anyone it had nothing to do with being black.

    1. He should have been in jail for life just for armed robbery. One less thug in the world.

    2. leave them to their own devices. Pull civilised society.

  3. Let's get the facts straight.
    1. No doubt there was police brutality.
    2. The guy was caught trying to use counterfeit to buy, of all the things, cigarettes.
    3. He refused to get out of his car when pulled over and instructed.
    Although some cops are buttholes, they also have job to do. Besides, most law abiding citizens would not do that sort of shit in the first place, not to mention refuse to comply even after being caught.
    4. He even refused to be put in the police cruiser after being cuffed. What are the cops to do? Politely accept the refusal?
    5. Was he some sort of hero? You tell me.
    6. I witnessed a couple of pawn shops being looted in Downtown Long Beach, CA. 90% of the looters were blacks. Black Lives Matter!

  4. He moved to change his life and nothing sounds like he didn’t. Some people have a past. They are allowed to serve thief time and put it behind them. This does not make what those asshole cop Ok. That’s a ridiculous statement.

  5. He didn’t deserve to die In the street , starved of air. That was barbaric and the cops involved deserve to be held accountable. George Floyd is no hero as the media & Black Lives Matter are trying to portray him. He was a violent career criminal, high on drugs and using a forged note at the time of his arrest. All people should be held accountable for their actions. Not canonised to suit a political agenda!

    1. yes he did. all he had to do was get in the fucking back of the car. he was caught red_handed trying to pass fake bills. Talk to the democrats that created this fake shutdown as to why he even had to do that in the first spot.

  6. all of it is a damn comical joke....

  7. White western nations abolished slavery at incredible expense to their citizens. The cost of purchasing all of the slaves in the British empire wasn't paid off until 2015. People who hate white people or the culture we created are childish fools.

  8. Does it matter? He was killed. For a counterfeit 20$ Bill. If that’s not excessive what is?

    1. if I'm not mistaken...he held a gun to a womans stomach asking if she wanted her baby to die. if I was any sort of man I would want that man to die if he did that to my wife or mother to my baby. I get that he already served his 5 years. .I'm not saying i think he deserved to die. but they knew his past so it wasnt JUST over a counterfeit 20 bucks.

  9. if someone held a gun to me or any of my family or friends five years of jailtime is far from acceptable time in my opinion.
    that woman he held a gun to will forever have mental scars and nightmares.


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