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It looks like the shit is about to hit the fan in more ways than one with the ongoing post-election chaos.

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia (Republican) has just certified the recount result, giving Georgia's 16 electoral college vote to Joe Biden. This threatens to create a serious split in the Republican Party, between those who support President Trump's campaign to fully expose vote-rigging in the Presidential election and those who don't.

In particular, the "America First" Groyper movement, which fanatically supports Trump but remains antagonistic to the GOP establishment, has threatened to "bring down" the Republican Party if it doesn't fully back Trump. Governor Kemp's certification of the  election results is regarded as a major betrayal. 

Speaking at a demonstration outside the Governor's mansion on Thursday (19th Nov.) Nick Fuentes, the leader of the "America First" Groypers, directly threatened to "wage war" on the GOP if it failed to take the hard-line against vote-rigging. Also present at the demonstration was Alex Jones of Info Wars. 

"Too often we have been screwed over and betrayed and spit on and insulted by the Republican establishment," Fuentes told a gathering of about 200. "We're tired of it! So if this governor continues on this path and...if they go through with the certification of these results on Friday forget about the run-off senate elections and forget about the great crusade of 22 and 24. My mission will be to destroy the Republican Party. Because I've had enough, and if they can't protect President Trump, then they are good for nothing, And if they are good for nothing then they can be gotten rid of and we can replace them with a party called America First!"

Yes, Fuentes is promising to wage war on the GOP, starting with the January run-off elections for the US Senate, which were triggered when GOP senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue failed to get more than 50% of the vote in their recent elections.

Depending on how tight the run-offs are, Fuentes and his followers could become the deciding factor. If Loeffler and Perdue lose, the Democrats will gain control of the US Senate. But maybe that will be an acceptable price to pay if it leads to the destruction of the Republican Party and its replacement by a truly patriotic political party.

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