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What's the vibe?
The leading Dissident Righter at the moment is Nick Fuentes. The guy is a shining star of brilliant, carefully calibrated content. Shills and gatekeepers like Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro wet themselves at the mere mention of his name, while washed-up Diss-Righters like Richard Spencer cry into their pillows every night thinking about him.

But Nick is having his own problems recently, after parts of his base rose up to criticise him for consorting with someone from the catboy subculture called Lollisocks.

Catboys are essentially dudes who are way too deep into anime and weeabo culture, often with a gay subtext, and Lollisocks certainly fits that profile. Although there is no hard evidence that he is gay, he regularly cross-dresses in revealing outfits, displaye risque anime art, and handles sex toys during his streams.

The fact that Fuentes hung out with this guy and videos were made of this has fuelled speculation that the two are more than just friends.

But why is this even a problem? 

The sad fact is that any telegenic male personality like Nick Fuentes has a higher than average chance of being "sub-masculine" (to use a relatively non-judgemental term). This is even more true in the case of the Dissident Right where the "best performers" in terms of presentation and "social skills" routinely turn out to be gays, closeted gays, or simply effete dandies (with a few notable exceptions).

Real men tend to be gruff, surly, and emotionally closed, qualities that don't translate well in our online age of visual engagement.

In short the Catboy rumours are hanging around like a strong pong because they are not just landing randomly in the desert but appear to be hitting targets that are already there and catching flame. 

Fuentes's Catholicism may also be a part of the complex psychological picture, as this is a religion that has a particular appeal to gays or people struggling with their sub-masculine impulses, although, of course, many normal heterosexual males follow it too. 

Also there is Nick's other close friend, Baked Alaska:

Enough said!

If Nick is sub-masculine, closeted gay, or even gay, I am OK with that as long as he continues to promote good dissident right ideas, moral norms, and brings Conservatism Inc. to its well-worn knees. 

To save the West we may have to live with the fact that the aberrations or oddities of some make them more potent presenters and partisans. But we should also not lose fact of the dangers that ultimately come with that type of personality. 

Anyway Nick is still young and in his formative stages, so hopefully he can find the right kind of woman to "sort him out" and get him off the slippery slope of catboi-dom. As long as she's not a f**king e-girl -- because that's serious "damaged goods."

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Matt Heimbach said...

Just so everyone knows that was my cock in Baked Alaska's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Why is it detached big guy?

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