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The "Stop the Steal" Groyper "America First" movement is where it's at in Dissident Right circles right now. 

While the "faded blooms of yesteryear" Milo Yiannouplous and and Richard Spencer have to answer $2 superchats ($1.50 after deductions) and make up sob stories about their family pets to grift for donations, Groyper leader Nick Fuentes is being swamped with a tsunami of cash.

This is partly coming in the form of bitcoin, as this entry in the Bitcoin Registry recently posted on Twitter reveals:

13.5 bitcoins -- and that's just one donation, FFS!

At 27,489 US dollars to the Bitcoin, that is $371,101.

The big questions are: "Who is donating this money to Nick?"
"What do they want in return?" and "Has Nick returned the negatives?"

Also got to wonder what a young kid, who lives with his parents, is happy with junk food, and doesn't have a girlfriend, needs with that kind of money. I mean there are only so many pairs of cat ears that one can keep in one's closet.


Anonymous said...

Well Nick is pushing the deep state anti-China propaganda, so isn't it obvious?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Bezos?

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