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Fuentes in the background, with Baked Alaska

Nick Fuentes was among the crowd of patriots who staged a "largely peaceful" protest at the Capitol building Yesterday (6th January). 

In fact, he even did a bit of livestreaming with his old chum Baked Alaska. Not sure yet if Catboy Kami was there with them, but it wouldn't surprise me. Anyway, I'm sure it was great fun.

But now that protest, in which one woman was shot by a security guard, is being spun by the media as Charlottesville 2.0, and it appears that serious charges are being prepared against anyone filmed or photographed trespassing in the Capitol Building. 

Fuentes seems to have realised his predicament, and has started Tweeting, asking President Trump to pardon all the people who broke into the Capitol Building. Too bad Trump is no longer on Twitter!

A blanket pardon like this seems extremely unlikely, as Trump's final days in office are looking increasingly busy, with moves afoot to impeach him. Furthermore pardoning Fuentes and the other protesters would provide Trump's enemies with more ammunition to attack him before he leaves office.

In fact, Trump's last days in office could look like this:

So, it looks like Fuentes will have to take his chances with the Federal prosecutors. 
But you can see why he is worried. A small guy like him would have a very rough time in prison.

Fuentes is a smart kid with a tremendously high verbal IQ that has marked him out for greatness. But he has to realise that real intelligence consists in making fine distinctions between those things and people that lead in the right direction and those that don't.

By choosing to maintain his association with ass-hats like Baked Alaska and Catboy Kami, Fuentes has shown that he lacks real intelligence and will thus ultimately fail.

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Ken S. said...

Well, Fuentes can be a little arrogant at times. Sometimes successful young guys in Nationalism, tend to let their popularity ho to their head, the classic example being Heimbach. Still, Fuentes has a lot of potential as a leader. Oh and by the way, there's a lot less rape in the federal pens than people think. We also shouldn't be glorifying in fellow Nationalists going to prison, even the ones we don't like. As the darkness depends a lot of us may be headed to the gulags.

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