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Nick Fuentes's YouTube channel has finally been shut down. But rather than Leftist censorship, it seems that the cause might have been sinister actions by fellow YouTuber J.F. Gariepy.

The French Canadian Alt-Righter, who claims to be of (((Basque))) origin and admits taking money from pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, is best known for his love of women with the mental age of little kids.  Recently Gariepy has been at loggerheads with Fuentes after the popular Catholic YouTuber mocked Gariepy's ridiculous lifestyle in response to allegations from Gariepy that Fuentes might be "gay" after he spent a suspiciously long time in the company of a cat boy.

Here is the video of Gariepy promising revenge, while doing an incredibly lifelike imitation of a poisonous toad:

And here is a video of some hilarious stunts that Gariepy's mentally child-like girlfriend got up to:

I estimate her mental age at about six-and-a-half, which makes Gariepy a "mental pedophile."

Just days ago Jewish vlogger Halsey News complained of picking up a strike after appearing on a recent livestream where he exposed Richard Spencer and J.F. Gariepy's fake ideas. 

It seems that Gariepy is an example of "beta manlet rage," and may be someone who obsessively reports and redflags his online opponents for "hate speech," while promoting a hate-filled, Neo-Nazi, Alt-Right agenda that should also get him banned by YouTube's increasingly Orwellian standards -- as we see in this excerpt from one of his livestreams that he subsequently deleted in which he repeats the "blood libel" that the Jews started WWII.

We all believe in free speech here, so it would be a real shame if Gariepy's channel were to be mass reported for hate speech and shut down as well. We certainly don't think that should happen, as retards -- even ones with girlfriends with a mental age of six -- should have a right to free speech as well.

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Anonymous said...

What do you expect when Fuentes publicly humiliated Trump's son? In all likelihood it's got fuck all to do with Gariepy and everything to do with Conservatism Inc. Even Fuentes himself has said so.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Trump controls YouTube fersure.

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