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The attack on YouTube HQ in the "gun-free paradise" of California was undoubtedly a hate crime. 

But now it seems that almost all the hatred was created by YouTube itself, as the corporate video platform giant has been pissing off almost ALL its users for years now, with its chaotic censorship, demonetisation, and shadow-banning policies.

Make no mistake about it, when a virtual monopoly behaves in the sort of high-handed way that YouTube constantly does, it generates real anger and hatred on a near industrial scale. 

So it is no surprise that the more "mentally fragile" of its user base will occasionally lash out in the tragic way that the shooter Nasim Aghdam, did, when the 39-year-old woman of Iranian origin shot and wounded several people, before apparently killing herself at the company's San Bruno campus on Tuesday (3rd April).

Aghdam who had several YouTube channels, including ones in Turkish and Farsi, was apparently driven to her crime by YouTube's heavy-handed filtering and downgrading of her content. 

This is typically done by weird algorithms, occasionally backed-up by low-paid staff in Third World countries, like India, who hardly ever understand what they are reviewing. For this reason, it is not entirely impossible that some of YouTube's negative decisions against Aghdam may have bee caused by her refusal to "show bobs and vegana." We simply don't know yet.
According to NBC Aghdam had been angry with YouTube for some time:
In a video posted in January 2017, [Aghdam] says YouTube “discriminated and filtered” her content. In the video, Aghdam says her channel used to get lots of views but that after being “filtered” by the company, it received far fewer views. In a video posted in January 2017, Nasim Aghdam says YouTube “discriminated and filtered” her content. In the video Aghdam says her channel used to get lots of views but that after being filtered by the company, it received fewer views.

In one online rant, she complained that YouTube censored her content by imposing an age restriction on one of her workout videos because they were too racy. She says the company failed to do the same thing for stars like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, whose videos, she says, are inappropriate for children. In a Facebook post from February 2017, Aghdam blasted YouTube saying, “There is no equal growth opportunity on YouTube.”

On her personal webpage, she posted another rant about YouTube saying, “Be aware…there is no free speech in real world and you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system. Videos of targeted users are filtered and merely relegated, so that people can hardly see their videos.”
Quite possibly, just the fact that she was operating channels in certain Middle Eastern languages may have "triggered" some of YouTube's crude algorithms, implying that the company literally endorses seeing all Middle Easterners as potential terrorists.  

Now the push is on to make out that Aghdam was some kind of hate-filled bigot whose attack on YouTube had absolutely nothing to do with the company's actual policies. 

This image, carefully selected from hours of footage posted by Aghdam is now doing the rounds, in order to suggest that the "Iranian" Aghdam was somehow anti-Semitic. The NBC article quoted above also mentions that she quoted Adolf Hitler, saying, "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it," without clarifying that it was YouTube whom she was alluding to as "Hitlerian" in its suppression of free speech.

If anything, Aghdam was a typical fucked-up, Leftist, vegan childless, feminist type, pumped up on her own narcissism. As for her anger, it is one that almost all YouTube users share, even if they restrain themselves from acting out their rage in the way that Aghdam did.

The main creator of hatred in this case, however, is YouTube, which continues to treat the heartfelt outpourings of its users, no matter how eccentric, in a callous and corporate way. 

It is high time that vast entities like YouTube and other social media and tech monopolies, including Facebook, Twitter, and Paypal, were regulated in the same way that any monopoly is, so as to provide equal access to the public and prevent economic exploitation.   


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Like most women, she was a lousy shot.

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Until the last one

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