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OK, he may be a literal left-wing loony and economic illiterate, who once shagged the ugliest Black MP ever and then boasted about it to his friends, but today British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn stands head and shoulders above all the other petty politicians in the British parliament. 

While they are being shepherded by a gaslighting media and manipulative Deep State towards yet another expensive, pointless, and extremely dangerous war -- one in which Russia could be involved -- Corbyn is digging his heels in and asking all the "awkward" questions about the blatantly false flag gas attack that is driving this rush to war. 

In fact some of the questions Corbyn is asking are pretty basic stuff, like "Who the fuck did this gas attack," something you might want to know before killing people:
"Jeremy Corbyn today refused to point the finger of blame at the Assad regime for the latest chemical weapons attack in Syria. The Labour leader said he condemned the attack and called on all sides to cooperate on a ceasefire. Speaking at Labour's local election launch in London, Mr Corbyn said there must be an international investigation to establish who was to blame for the attack. In a later media interview Mr Corbyn condemned violence 'on all sides' of the Syrian war, which has run for more than seven years since a pro-democracy up-rising. The Labour leader was accused of 'turning a blind eye to the evils in this world' today as anger over the atrocities grew."
It seems that "turning a blind eye" in this case actually means opening both eyes and switching on the lights to see what actually happened, instead of rushing into another pointless war like a headless chicken, as the rest of the British political establishment in doing.

It is clear that America wants some kind of military action -- the usual Deep State, Zionist, Neocon, and military industrial complex people are more than happy to spend other people's blood and money. But the Yanks also want some cover, and are counting on a compliant Britain or France to provide it by backing them up. That way they can claim it is "the international community" carrying out the action instead of just John Bolton's necrotic fan club. 

But Corbyn digging his heels in causes serious problems for the warmongers. First of all, it puts Prime Minister Theresa May in a weaker position, first by exposing her as someone who doesn't look before she leaps, and then it opens her up to attack if things go wrong. 

For Britain to be a convenient fluffer for the US war party there has to be a cross party consensus that war is justified. Corbyn's heroic stand throws a spanner in the gears of the war machine. 

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Afterthought said...

Folks earning respect: Corbyn, (Peter) Hitchens, George Galloway

Folks losing respect: Jacob Rees Mogg, for stating that the proper response to the false flag Skripal Affair was putting more troops in Estonia.

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