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The number of robots in the World is set to skyrocket in the decades ahead, with the robot population set to outstrip Asians and keep well ahead of Africa's projected demographic surge, according to Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson.

In fact, according to Pearson, in just 30 years, there will be more robots than humans on our planet. The predictions were commissioned by Now TV to promote the launch of a new season of the TV series Westworld, which is centred around a futuristic theme park staffed by lifelike androids.
"Today the global robot population is probably around 57 million," Dr Pearson said on NOW TV. "That will grow quickly in the foreseeable future and by 2048 robots will overtake humans. If we allow for likely market acceleration, that could happen as early as 2033. By 2028, some of those robots will already be starting to feel genuine emotions and to respond to us emotionally."
While some of the robots will be beautiful sex robots, designed to fulfil our every fantasy, others will be relentless working machines making human labour meaningless and consigning humanity to a lifetime of unemployment or leisure. Others robots will of course be used in security roles and to manage crime. 

The big question is will the robots continue to serve their human masters or will they start to see us as superfluous organic waste matter in need of removal? What hope can we really have when our feeble minded politicians are not even considering these matters now. 

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