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More good economic news from Brexit!

Living standards in the UK are finally rising, with wage increases outpacing inflation for the first time in a year. In the three months to February, average weekly earnings, excluding bonuses, increased by 2.8% from the same period a year ago, while inflation stood at 2.7%. 

This should come as no surprise because UK wages have been artificially depressed by membership of the European Union for decades, which pushed up unemployment and pushed down wages, first through a flood of imports from European countries like Germany and France, and then by a flood of cheap labour from other Eastern European countries.

Last year, analysts noticed a "Brexodus" getting under way, with more EU nationals choosing to return home. 

This led to net migration falling from its peak of +336,000 in the 12 months leading up to the Brexit vote (June 2016) to +230,000 in the 12 months following it.

The number of EU citizens leaving the UK in this period rose by 29% to 123,000, the highest level since the 2008 recession. Subsequent figures are likely to confirm this trend.

Although the number of migrants still increased in the 12-month period (June 2016 to June 2017), with more EU migrants coming (284,000) to live in Britain than left (230,000), the rate of increase is clearly slowing in relation to economic growth. 

The result of this is that there is stronger upward pressure on wages for UK workers. Imagine how much stronger this pressure would be if the number of migrants of every variety was actually declining.

These figures help give the lie to all those who claimed that leaving the EU would wreck the UK economy for the ordinary worker. It clearly hasn't, showing that this was merely a filthy lie cooked up by the bankers, hedge fund managers, and other croooks in the City of London and their creatures in the controlled media. 

For the average working man, Brexit and regaining control of the country's borders could prove to be an enormous bonus, especially if a true nationalist party rises up to challenge the old parties that opposed Brexit.

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