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Former Traditionalist Workers Party spokesman Matt Parrot has blasted his former comrade and the ex-leader of the Party Matt Heimbach for claiming to be the father of Parrott's 5-month-old daughter. 

Parrott and Heimbach famously fell out last month, when Parrot's wife Jessica resumed an extra-marital affair with Heimbach, leading to violence between Heimbach and Parrott as well as the collapse of the Traditionalist Workers Party.

Now Parrott has said that Heimbach and his estranged wife are denying him access to his daughter while claiming the kid is in fact Heimbach's, although Parrott claims to have a had paternity test that proves the kid is his.

These revelations emerged in a series of posts on Gab warning Orthodox clergy not to participate in any services recognising Heimbach as the father:
General notice to any and all clergy in East Tennessee and surrounding areas: Mr. Heimbach is not the father of my child. I have a positive paternity test confirming that the child in question is mine, and he was nowhere near her at the time of conception.

I do not consent to any services that I am not present at, and will gladly support any proper baptism where I am present and he is.

I am not absent or "uninvolved" or "on the road" or whatever lies they're likely offering. I am right here. I am striving mightily to achieve very basic visitation and assurances of her wellbeing. And I will achieve full legal and physical custody when the dust has settled. I can be very easily contacted for clarification or proof of my claims.

He is presenting himself to unaware third parties (with rings) as the husband of my estranged wife and the father of my child, and attempting to perform religious rituals involving my child in the role of the father. The two are refusing any paternal visitation whatsoever, without any legal or moral grounds to do so.
Just when we thought Heimbach couldn't sink any lower, he proves us all wrong again by reaching levels of scumbaggery that aren't even on the charts.


PropagandistHacker said...

damn shame

Matt Jewbach's Smarter Brother said...

My younger brother Matt had a boner that wouldn't quit. We knew this would happen.

Former TWP Member said...

I'm on Matt Parrott's side in this dog fight but facts are facts: the child is Matt Heimbach's. Heimbach himself joked about the hot, sweaty sex he and Parrott's wife were having every time he turned his back, which was often. Heimbach even said he more than once boned his wife then an hour later left her and went over to Matt Parrott's place and banged Parrott's wife. He said his dick was so sore from all the pussy that he had trouble walking straight at TWP rallies. And Parrott's wife couldn't get enough of Heimbach's huge cock, telling him that Parrott had a tiny dick that just couldn't satisfy her. But...like I said...Matt Parrott's the injured party here. He can't help it if he's a loser in bed, and that Heimbach's able to satisfy two women at once and father children by both of them. Matt Parrott doesn't have any paternity test, trust me. He's desperate to prove he's not a loser, even if Heimbach treated him like shit.

Harold Covington said...

I normally don't comment on movement drama but this story is disturbing on so many levels. Let me just say that neither one of The Two Matts belonged in a leadership position. One was too impulsive and the other couldn't control the woman in his life - a bad sign for a leader. I could've put them both to work - in subordinate positions - and they would've thrived. They simply were not fit to give orders, only to take them. I'm seriously considering sending out an appeal letter to ever white nationalist "leader" I can think of - from Will Williams to David Duke to Billy Roper - asking them to give up their fruitless dreams of being a Great White Leader and coming to work for the only one that actually is - ME. Arrogant? No - just factual. I have both the brains and the vision to guide us to victory, but we haven't much time left. I have the iron will to lead us toward the founding of a glorious white nation, if only people will stop trying to "do their own thing" and Come Home. I and the Northwest Front have the ONLY viable plan to save the white race in North America. To all who read this, please contact me at: northwestfront.org - HAC

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