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Donald Trump is quick on the Twitter, but is he equally quick on the trigger? That seems to be the big question at the moment, after the President sent out mixed messages in his latest batch of tweets, regarding the situation in Syria. 

On the one hand Trump likes to pose as the no-nonsense, trash-talking tough guy, who believes any false flag bullshit going, and is ready to act on it. 

Here's one of his "tough guy" Tweets challenging Russia to nuclear war...as you do:

But on the other hand, maybe Trump knows deep down that America is something of a pussy when it comes to fighting a real war, y'know, one where people from both sides get killed. At a rough guess, more than half the US military is obese, female, or effeminate, while the populace is extremely fickle and can't bear the site of American blood for more than two seconds before passing out. So much for spending more on the military than the next eight countries on the list, LOL.

But what can you do when you've whipped out your balls to show the World how massive they are and then had second thoughts? The only thing to do is order a delicious big slice of cuck pie, lick the plate clean, and then ask for another helping with cream on top. 

Trump's next tweet suggests he's reaching for the menu:

I don't know about you, but that's quite a change in tone. He's basically crying to Mommy like a little scared bitch, saying, "Those nasty mean people want me to fight the big bad man, but I don't wanna, waaaahhhh!"

This is more Cuckmander-in-Chief than Commander-in-Chief. But who can blame him? America stands to gain absolutely nothing from a war in Syria but pain, misery, and suffering that its big, fat, decadent, bloated, debt-ridden, imperial arse can't cope with.

The best that Trump can hope for is that Putin will allow him to bomb some irrelevant minor target in Syria -- like a tent or a rock that looks like a camel -- to save face, whereupon he can then drop his strongman posturing in Syria quicker than a shit-covered brick.  

But, Donald, try to keep that big fat mouth shut next time. Don't you have a border to be worrying about?


Dag and2 said...

Nailed it

Anonymous said...

Cucking is doing the neocons' bidding, not backing off from it.

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