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There seems to be some doubt about whether getting elected to build a border wall and then actually building a border wall is a good way to get re-elected. Well, at least in America anyway, where President Trump and his Party has long been dithering over his main election promise.

Meanwhile in Hungary there is no doubt about this, as a politician who was originally elected by promising to secure his country's borders, and then actually did this when his country was threatened by a migrant invasion, by building a very effective wall, has been re-elected with what looks like a "super majority" of over two thirds in parliament.

In the 2014 election, the Fidesz party of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a landslide "super majority" victory of 133 seats in the country's 199-seat parliament. 
The effect of Hungary's new border wall on illegal migration

This time, after successfully dealing with Europe's migrant crisis by building a wall along his Southern border in record time, Orban's Fidesz Party has been re-elected to government, and may even increase its majority, according to projections. 

Meanwhile the previous opposition party, the Socialists, who counter-signalled the wall, have slumped to third place to be replaced by Jobbik, which has often been described as a "Fascist" party in the hysterical Western press.

This is how the Hungarian parliament is shaping up, according to exit polls:
Hungarian voters determined what the Hungarian parliament will look like in 2018, and It's Beautiful!

I think there is obviously a lesson here for President Trump. Let's hope he's paying attention. The W-word the voters are interested in is "Wall," not "War."

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