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If you reward them, more will come...many more.
It seems that the deal to rid Israel of thousands of African migrants by sending them to Western countries collapsed not just because of opposition from the intended recipient countries, as reported here, but because hard-line Jewish nationalists in Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's own government strongly opposed the deal:
"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has backed down under pressure before, but rarely in such a spectacular fashion as he did on Tuesday when he reneged on a deal with the United Nations to resettle thousands of African asylum seekers in Western countries.

Mr. Netanyahu announced the deal to great fanfare on Monday, only to suspend it a few hours later. On Tuesday, he canceled it completely and defended his abrupt reversal, saying he was responding to an outcry from members of his conservative Likud party as well as partners in his governing coalition who routinely refer to the migrants as “infiltrators” and want all of them expelled."

As has often happened in the past, Mr. Netanyahu changed direction in the wake of harsh criticism from Naftali Bennett, the education minister and leader the Jewish Home party. While the far-right Jewish Home is in Mr. Netanyahu’s coalition, it also competes with his Likud party for votes.
WTF!? Why would hard-line Jewish nationalists like this oppose a deal to rid Israel of the 16,250 African migrants included in the deal by dumping them on "stupid goyim" countries like Canada and Germany? 

Well, it seems that Jewish nationalists looked at the deal and saw obvious weaknesses. First of all, it allowed most of the Africans to stay in Israel. But, secondly, and more importantly, it set a disturbing precedent of rewarding African migrants for coming to Israel by not sending them back to Africa.

These sensible and far-sighted Jewish nationalists realised that this would lead to endless problems in the future, as an endless stream of African migrants would descend on Israel in the hope of being allowed to stay, or, better still, being sent on to an affluent Western country, where they could enjoy generous welfare and young, friendly blonde girls holding up signs saying "refugees welcome." 

Of course a good portion of the resultant flood would end up living in Israel, undermining the country's Jewish character. 

Instead of this plan, which was quite acceptable to the Israeli Left, the clear-headed Jewish ethnonationalists preferred the original plan of sending African migrants back to an African country -- in this case Rwanda -- because this would strongly discourage future incursions of illegal migrants and fake refugees to Israel.  

The opponents of Netanyahu's migrant plan are definitely not pulling their punches. Bezalel Smotrich, of Netanyahu's coalition partners, the Jewish Home, party told a radio reporter that he was prepared to topple the government over the migrant issue.
"We want the state of Israel to remain a Jewish state," he said. "And this means sticking to the right migration policy."
Hero Smotrich, not taking any of Netanyahu's indecisive bleeding-heart liberal bullshit.

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