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(No pictures of Hitler were harmed in the making of this meme)
French President Emanuel Macron has been widely condemned as the "The Second Hitler," after his party introduced an immigration bill that placed some mild restrictions on illegal immigrants. 

According to the Left, this is equivalent to bringing back the transatlantic slave trade or carrying out a second Holocaust, whatever that was.

The new bill, which was passed by the French parliament by 228 votes to 139, with 24 abstentions, shortens asylum application deadlines, doubles the time for which illegal migrants can be detained, and introduces a one-year prison sentence for entering France illegally. 

President Macron even sold it to the public as an efficiency measure that will "speed up" the process of claiming asylum.

But because the bill makes it marginally more difficult to just walk across the border and claim large areas of France as sovereign jihadi territory, the Leftist dominated media have been hyperventilating and frothing at the mouth.

The Leftist BBC described the law as "tough" and "controversial," with an unflattering profile shot of Macron showing his long, sharp nose to imply a deep lack of empathy and animal cunning -- a traditional dehumanisation technique used with great success in Germany in the 1930s.
The face of total evil.

Meanwhile the hysterical Guardian went with the shrill headline: "This migrant crackdown has exposed the BRUTAL limits of Macron’s liberalism." 

Yes, having immigration laws is actually "brutal." Y'know like sticking babies on bayonets. Got that, bigots?

French immigration policy, according to the Guardian.

Inevitably the Hitler comparisons were not far behind, as a number of images showing Macron as "literally Hitler" were shared over social media. This:

And this:

At least, these images make a welcome change from memes like this, which are probably somewhat closer to the mark:

What makes these Hitler comparisons totally absurd is that Macron's new migrant laws do almost nothing to reverse the disturbing demographic trends that Leftists themselves should be shitting themselves about, namely France becoming a hard-line Muslim nation, that oppresses gays and feminists. 

This theme was eloquently explored by the French novelist Michel Houellebecq in his famous novel, "Submission."

In fact, under present trends, France's Muslim population is set to overtake its French population sometime later this century, according to some analysts:

Within 40 years, given current demographic trends, the white population in France and the rest of old Europe will recede, creating a Muslim majority, a French researcher says.

Charles Gave, an economist, fund manager and political commentator, published his conclusions this month on the webpage of his think tank, Institute des Libertes. He writes of the "disappearance of the European populations" as native populations shrink and Muslims continue to exhibit a robust fertility rate.
It seems the Left's driving ambition is to be the "useful idiots" of the Islamic takeover of Europe. But, then, President Macron isn't far behind them.

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