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"LOL, senpai noticed me"

Get used to it. We live in an age of fake new, false flags, and phoney wars. 

Just recently, Trump responded to a fake gas attack with what was essentially a fake bombing, Now the next big story is that Kim Jong-Un, the dictatorial leader of North Korea, has stopped testing nuclear missiles and has closed down the research facility that carried out the tests. 

Here again, appearances and reality don't quite match up.

MAGApedes (i.e. fanatical Trump supporters) are trying to tell us that this is all because of Trump's 4D chess, and that he has expertly used the "Madman Theory" and the threat of a trade war to cow the North Koreans and their Chinese backers. 

But the reality is quite different. All that Kim has said is that there is no need for further tests. This may of may not be true. I assume the North Korean missiles are far from perfect and that further tests probably are necessary, and what's more will resume at some future point. 

Also, Kim has not said he is dismantling North Korea's nuclear arsenal. With America's track record bombing countries that don't have nuclear arsenals that would be madness, so he is clearly not doing that. North Korea will keep its nukes.

So, what is Kim doing?

Quite simply he is throwing Trump a bone -- a pretence of disarmament -- in order to strengthen the chances of the Trump-Kim summit meeting going ahead. This face-to-face meeting is planned for sometime next month.

What Kim wants most of all is to be taken seriously and viewed as an "equal" by the USA. The summit meeting is a great way to achieve this, and is thus a big priority for him. It boosts his status as a powerful and respected world leader.

By offering up a temporary "suspension" of missile testing that does not involve any disarmament -- and which can be reversed at any time -- Kim achieves his goal of boosting his status. 

It seems it is not Trump who is playing 4D chess here, but "Rocket Boy." 

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