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Only by paying these people less will Starbucks be able to afford the inevitable lawsuits.
Overpriced coffee chain Starbucks, which has thousands of shops around the World, has shown that it has zero defences against racial shakedown artists after a minor operation to maintain the "implicit Whiteness" of its stores went tragically wrong.

The problem started in one of its Philadelphia stores when two Black men, who were "menacingly" hanging around the store without buying anything, demanded to use the bathroom, which is usually kept locked and reserved for paying customers. 

The manager, realising that it was his duty to maintain implicitly White standards of mild, financially-determined exclusivity, denied their request, leading to an escalation and the police being called to removed the men for trespassing.

The incident would have ended there without further problems, except that Starbucks caters to a customer base of signally White liberals. Such people, while indulging in implicit White behaviours and lifestyles, like to "signal" against the very same systems needed to maintain them -- admittedly something of a Catch-22.

The result was that several customers egged on the two Black men by tutting about how "racist" and "bigotted" it was not to allowing them to use the bathroom. Later, when the police arrived and politely asked them to leave, this was of course filmed and spread on social media by the same signally White liberals in conjunction with Black Lives Matters people. 

This immediately made it into a major racial issue, with the normally SJW-signalling coffee chain laughably in the role of the big bad "racist" Whitey.

Starbucks has worked hard to achieve its present PR status.
Starbucks immediately made things worse by firing the manager involved in the incident and closing 8,000 of its US coffee shops for an afternoon of "anti-racist training." This was an extremely stupid thing to do, as it is effectively an admission by the company that it is in the wrong and was being racist by upholding the company's toilet policy against these two men. 

The shop closure will cost the chain millions in revenue, as well as a slumping share price. Also, there will inevitably be an extremely costly lawsuit from the two Black men. Having already admitted their guilt by their cucking behaviour, this will inevitably result in a massive pay out by the company, something that will only encourage further attempts at racial blackmailing. 

The main cost however is that the company will be forced to change the way in which it runs its shops, meaning that the "implicitly White," mildly exclusionary spaces, in which its  customer base of White liberals and urban bugmen congregate, will be destroyed and turned into hangouts for Black urban youths, many of whom will bring in their own food and drink from McDonalds. 

If you hold stock, our advice is sell NOW!

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