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Brit foreign minister Boris Johnson

The British and Western reaction to the still unexplained poisoning case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal is starting to look increasingly hysterical as the two intended victims are now reported to be recovering.

Recently Russian TV released a phone call between Yulia and her cousin, in which she said her and her father were fine:
Russian TV on April 5th released audio that they claimed to be of a phone call between Yulia Skripal and her niece Viktoria who lives in Russia. During the call, which was made in the morning on April 5th, Yulia tells her niece: "Everything is ok. He [her father] is resting now, having a sleep. Everyone's health is fine, there's nothing that can't be put right. I will be discharged soon. Everything is ok."
In fact, here's the entire conversation:

Viktoria: Hello?
Yulia: Hello. Can you hear me?
Viktoria: Yes, I can hear you.
Yulia: It is Yulia Skripal.
Viktoria: Oh, Yulka [diminutive of Yulia] it's you! I can tell it's you from your voice but I don't understand. So, they gave you a telephone, did they?
Yulia: Yes, yes.
Viktoria: Thanks God! Yulyasha [diminutive of Yulia], is everything okay? 
Yulia: Everything's ok, everything's fine.
Viktoria: Look, if tomorrow I get a [British] visa, I'll come to you on Monday.
Yulia: Vika, no-one will give you a visa.
Viktoria: Well I thought so too. Oh well.
Yulia: Most likely.
Viktoria: If they do, I need you to tell me whether I can visit you or not, tell me that I can.
Yulia: I don't think so, that's the situation at the moment, we'll sort it out later.
Viktoria: I know, I know.
Yulia: Later, we'll get it sorted later, everything's fine, we'll see later.
Viktoria: Is that your phone? 
Yulia: It's a temporary phone. Everything's fine, but we'll see how it goes, we'll decide later. You know what the situation is here. Everything is fine, everything is solvable, everyone is recovering and is alive.
Viktoria: Understood. Is everything ok with your dad?
Yulia: Everything's ok. He's resting now, having a sleep. Everyone's health is fine, there's nothing that can't be put right. I'll be discharged soon. Everything is ok.
Viktoria: Kisses, babes.
Yulia: Bye.

In addition to this, Britain's chemical weapons laboratory at Porton Down, conveniently located a few miles down the road from where the incident took place, has been unable to confirm that the Novichok chemical agent used in the attack was made in Russia, appearing to contradict the account given by the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

Of course, it is still possible that the UK government has some conclusive proof that the Russians did in fact do this but can't tell us about it for "security reasons." 

Nice story, bro, but the problem here is that, since the UK government and the British Deep State lied through their misaligned teeth about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction in 2003 to join in a stupid and pointless war, it just doesn't have the kind of credibility to assert things like this without direct evidence. 

So, the world has been involved in a major diplomatic crisis that has made it a much more dangerous place and increased the possibility of nuclear war. But for what?

When the UK government lied in 2003, millions of lives were supposedly at stake. But this time, it's all over the temporary sickness of two Russian citizens in the UK that may or may not have been caused by the Kremlin. So what!  

Really, we have been veering towards WWIII for that

I mean, even if the Russians did do it, it would be silly to risk war for that, right? 

The most we should do in a case like that is to return the favour James Bond style.

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