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"Multidimensional" pop star Kanye West has finally led Blacks off the "psychic plantation" they have been living on ever since being brought to America, with a series of astounding Tweets that have shown Blacks how to think like individuals and have opinions that aren't necessarily approved of by snooty urban liberals like Stephen Colbert.

Even though Black Americans were technically liberated from slavery back in the 1860s, the slavish habits of mind formed under the plantation system have long remained in disguised form. These have been cruelly exploited by the Democratic Party to keep Blacks voting for their shitty candidates, offering them little in return except continued victim status, dependency, mental subjugation, and the denial of their unique "dragon energy."
Slavish mindset Democratic politician Maxime Waters.

In one heroic Tweet Kanye called for intellectual freedom:

While in another, he showed his contempt for the fake consensus that all Blacks oppose Trump. It was in this tweet that he also mentioned his "dragon energy," something he also saw in President Trump.

Inevitably these tweets and others drew a shrill response from the Leftist hive mind, causing large parts of Twitter to melt down and flow through the caverns of the internet rather like this:

While generally trying to be nice to everybody -- even Hillary -- one of Kanye's most pointed tweets was at the failure of Obama to improve the situation of Blacks in America, drawing attention to the endless gang violence in Chicago.

Kanye's obvious star power and political outsider status even has some people thinking he might have a good chance of running for President in 2024. I don't think that would work. After all Obama spent 8 years in the White House and did nothing for Black people. Kanye's true role is using his reach to teach Black people to look beyond the walls of their psychic plantation and find their inner dragon energy.

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