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"Guys, I'm really trying."
Just hours after he claimed victory in the struggle to remove hordes of illegal African migrants who have made life hell for the residents of South Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu had to backtrack on a deal after the EU countries, where he was hoping to dump the Africans, refused point blank to take them.

Bibi has long struggled with the problem of mass migrant invasion of Israel. He has even built a very successful border wall that has cut the influx almost to zero. But he has been left with the problem of the 60,000 mainly Sudanese and Eritrean migrants who managed to get into the country before the fence was completed.

Earlier Netanyahu tried to arrange a deal to send the migrants to Rwanda (no not the country in Black Panther -- that is Wakanda!). But that deal fell through. Bibi blames the leftist, New-York-based New Israel Fund and European Union officials for Rwanda's change of heart.

His next plan was to broker a deal with the UN refugee agency, by which 44,000 migrants would stay in Israel, while 16,250 -- presumably the most troublesome -- went to welfare-assisted luxury in developed Western countries. 

But after Bibi named three countries -- Italy, Germany, and Canada -- which have a history of cucking to this kind of moral blackmail at a press conference, both Italy and Germany said they had not been asked, casting doubt on their readiness to cooperate. 

Eritreans in Tel Aviv, taking advantage of the defensive "anti-Racism" of global Jewry to colonise new lands. 
Both EU countries are already swamped by fake refugees, who are adding to the rape and murder statistics, as well as the welfare costs. As a consequence, voters have been swinging to the right in recent elections. More refugees would definitely help this trend to continue. 

Without compliant goyim to take the refugees, the deal has now collapsed, so what will Bibi do next? 

This is not clear. He has talked about meeting with the representatives of residents of South Tel Aviv, the area affected by the migrants, where feeling is running strong. But an actual resumption of either plan looks difficult.

Leftist Jews oppose the Rwanda option and are using the same kinds "lawfare" tactics that Leftists in America are using to frustrate President Trump's anti-migrant measures. 

Everyone in Israel, both Left and Right, supports sending the migrants to an cushy new life in Europe, but European politicians, both right-wing and centrist, oppose that; the first because they don't want yet more migrants and the problems they bring, and the centrists because they fear more migrants will fuel the rise of the right-wing, which it will.

In short, unless Netanyahu can find a cuck goyim nation to take the migrants, he is stuck with them. But then he will have to face the rage of one of his political power bases, the residents of South Tel Aviv. 

This leaves Bibi with three options: (1) move the migrants to another part of Israel or Israeli -controlled territory, (2) mistreat the Palestinians more and then use them as bargaining chips to extract concessions from reluctant EU nations, and (3) con Canada into taking them all. Right now #3 looks the most likely. 

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