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Rich landowner Spencer needs your financial assistance. 
Richard Spencer, the founder of the Alt-Right, who became notorious by associating the movement with race-baiting hate sites like TRS and the Daily Stormer, has appealed to the movement's army of generous donors to cough up more money for a legal defence fund, which he promises won't be spent on expensive skiing holidays or attempts to get banned from yet more European countries. 

The appeal is a response to a civil action brought against Spencer and other participants in the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally that resulted in attacks on nationalists by antifa and an incident where an Alt-Right sympathiser drove a car into a crowd of people after his car was attacked by Leftist demonstrators

Because of the evident bias in the media and the legal system, Spencer is worried that he might be fined a substantial amount and could be forced to break into his own immense fortune. 

Spencer's known assets include a third share in a 5,200-acre agricultural estate in Louisiana, worth an estimated $28 million dollars. This estimate is based on the value of the Hollybrook Plantation, a 10,464 acre farm in northeast Louisiana that was recently put on the market for $55 million. 

With other assumed assets, such as his collection of suits, tubs of hair wax, Bond movie box sets, and rare Depeche Mode memorabilia, Spencer's net worth can be conservatively estimated at around $10 million and possibly much more. 

The money that he hopes to raise from the appeal will be used to pay for a very expensive -- and therefore good -- lawyer to nip this civil suit in the bud.

To switch from purely factual reporting to editorialising just a little, we at Trad News believe that all believers in free speech should support this campaign generously, including Spencer himself.


Blogger said...

If Spencer's attorney only requires $25 thousand (up front) that's a mere pittance for Spencer. Is this not a fee he can meet himself without fundraising? In my opinion, I think a more honorable approach would be for Richard Spencer to put up at least $100 thousand of his own money, and if that falls short then make a fundraising appeal. I guess the way I see it is that it seems inappropriate for a millionaire to be asking common people to pay his attorney's fees, especially knowing what pieces of shit most attorneys are. This is not to say that I believe Spencer is in the wrong here regarding the lawsuit. On the contrary, I believe he is innocent of all charges. Nevertheless, his request for funds smacks too much of Stormfront's Don Black, who was constantly conning people to support his "lifestyle" under the guise of needing seven thousand five hundred dollars per month to run his forum. In my view, Spencer should foot the bill for his own legal bills, especially when one considers all the other other Charlottesville WN's now on trial who aren't receiving supporter-funded attorneys. What about them? Unlike Spencer, they're not rich. Nor do I hear Spencer making any appeal to help them. They're on their own, and Spencer should be left to fend for himself as well.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to help. Spencer can have 100% of the zero fucks I give about his self-inflicted legal troubles.

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