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Taking advantage of an apparent false flag gas incident staged by Syrian rebels, the Israeli air force has launched a sneaky bombing attack on the Syrian T4 Airbase. In addition to the Syrian air force, the base is also home to Russian and Iranian forces, who appear to be the main target.

Initially the Syrian government had reported the attack as being American in origin, as Syria is currently expecting a US attack as a follow up to the false flag gas attack on Saturday. But Russian military intelligence have clarified the situation
The Russian military said on Monday that two Israeli F-15 war planes had carried out strikes on a Syrian air base near Homs on Sunday, the Interfax news agency reported. Interfax cited the Russian Defense Ministry as saying the Israeli war planes had carried out the strikes from Lebanese air space. The Russian ministry said that Syrian air defense systems had shot down five of eight missiles fired, while the other three landed in the western part of the base.
Needless to say this is an opportunistic attack by the Israeli government bordering on state terrorism, and has more to do with Netanyahu's own political problems, stemming from an ongoing corruption investigation, setbacks to his migrant policy, and a recent vote by the United Nations Security Council regarding Israel's recent massacre of Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border.

Thanks to actions like the attack on the T4 Airbase and the shooting of hundreds of Palestinian protesters, carried out with the full support of the Trump government, Israel is starting to look increasingly like a terrorist state. 

The Syrians are unlikely to respond to this gross provocation and violation of its airspace, as the Russians who are determining Syrian strategy are following a policy of quietly winning the war on the ground, instead of pointlessly escalating it to fit in with the interests of war mongers in Israel and the West. 

What they are more likely to do is to bolster Syria's growing air defences so that future attacks like this will carry a heavier cost.

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