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The Left really like making cunts of themselves, and not just metaphorically either, as a lame-brained feminist artist has started encouraging women to "express themselves" by making prints of their twats. As reported by the always classy Metro, Britain's leading free newspaper:
"44-year-old artist and educator Lee is the creator of the Unfold Project, which asks those with vaginas to do vulva body prints in the name self discovery and body positivity. The process is a lot like getting your fingerprint taken… but with your genitals.

It’s a form of relief printing so each resulting print captures all the details and specifics of your body. ‘The project has been knocking around in my head for a while,’ Lee tells Metro.co.uk. ‘So many aspects of media send unhelpful messages about bodies. ‘I’ve been interested in ideas about representation and the role artists and creators can play as well as what responsibility they may have to help normalize a wide range of body images.

‘I had a hunch that body printing would be an interesting way to capture the beauty and diversity of vulva while at the same time being accessible enough that it’s relatively easy to do."

The project is supposed to get women to think of their cunts as "beautiful" and so boost their confidence in their bodies, but most of the images created are objectively so ugly that this seems absurd. Some of the images were even made while the women involved were "on the rag" FFS!

In fact I can't think of a more effective way of trashing a woman's physical self-confidence that by focusing on one of her ugliest features in this grotesque way. In fact the only reason most men want to see women's twats is because they have been habitually hidden for millennia. Exposing them in this way will simply make most of men turn away and retch. 

The key to beauty and eroticism is often in what is not shown, but don't expect the kind of brain-damaged people who become Leftists and feminists to understand this eternal truth.

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