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A shallow wave of mock outrage spread across the world today, followed by almost universal unspoken agreement, after President Trump accurately referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and some African countries as "shithole countries." 

The comments came in a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, during a discussion of America's ridiculous visa lottery system that allows random people from dysfunctional, low-IQ, and badly toilet trained countries to come to America on green cards. 

The White House issued a statement that did not deny the remarks. In the past Trump has made equally disparaging remarks of Haiti. In 2007, he famously said Haitian immigrants "all have AIDS," which is not strictly true. 

Trump's latest comments are not exactly accurate either, as "shithole countries" implies that the countries in question are actually using improvised latrines to dispose of their faecal waste.

From evidence on the ground, there is no reason to believe this is actually happening in Haiti, where cholera is a pandemic and shit and other rotting garbage are everywhere, as shown by these images:


maxsnafu said...


Jaded_gal05 said...

Don’t Haitians & Africans believe the following ridiculous superstitions?

•You can cure HIV/AIDS by having sex with an infant.

•Bald men have gold in their heads.

•Albino body parts are “magical”, with witch doctors claiming that albino body parts, especially genitals can be used to make good luck & wealth enhancing potions.

•They also believe that sex with an albino, as with infants, completely cures HIV/AIDS.

Yes, let’s bring more of these idiots to our country.

Blogger said...

For the record, Haitians ARE Africans, since they were transported from that continent centuries ago (just like our cotton-picking slaves) to work in Haitian fields. So whether nigs are left in Africa or brought to Haiti, they turn everyplace they go into a shit hole.

What Would The World Be Like If Whites Were Driven To The Edge of Extinction? - an amazon novel HERE

horsesavers said...

Our President with his pen has done more damage then if he pushed the button.

We need not pause and wait for global warming, gun regulations, infrastructure, or better days. More of us die directly from environmental issues than any other cause. Our President signed an "Executive Order" that will directly finish the job of ending all life on this planet once and for all. I do not know how to emphasize enough the seriousness of our situation, but I will try once more.

Phytoplankton supplies most of our planets oxygen supply and is in a 40% decline because it is ingesting PCB laced marine microplastic caused by millions of sewers and drains entering our streams and waterways. His signature is the death nail to the already damning condition. This issue is imminent, irreversible and is ending all life in the oceans. We are facing a toxic, hypoxic event unknown to mankind as our own oxygen supply needs fall only 3% to eliminate us all.

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