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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have his troubles with an ongoing investigation into corruption, but he isn't losing sight of the big picture, namely protecting the Jewish ethnostate from 60,000 illegal African migrants who flooded into the country in the past few years. 

In a recent speech given at the first cabinet meeting of the new year, he outlined his vision of a racially pure Israel and talked about how this could be brought about, by offering the African migrants a plane ticket and a bribe of $3,500 to quit the country.
"Every country must guard its borders," Netanyahu said on Wednesday (3rd of January), announcing the plan. "Guarding the borders against illegal infiltration is both a right and a fundamental obligation of a sovereign state." 
The plan involves using the "carrot" of a bribe and plane ticket and the "stick" of incarceration in an Israeli prison. He also referred to the enormous success of Israel's border wall:
"This fence, which was erected along the border with Sinai, has prevented – in my estimation – the entry of hundreds of thousands of infiltrators who came from other places, but did not reach Israel. Thanks to this great effort, we have lowered illegal infiltration into Israel to zero."
Netanyahu has also reached an understanding with the home nations of the migrants, most of whom come from Eritrea and the Sudan, and has also done a deal with Rwanda to take others. Already, 20,000 Africans have been "deported. The new measures are to ensure that the rest follow, and Netanyahu won't rest until they are all gone.
"The mission now," he said, "is to deport the rest."
African immigration became an issue in 2012 when residents of Tel Aviv protested about the problems African migrants were bringing, including crime and vagrancy. 

The downside of this is that many of the migrants are expected to use the free plane ticket and money to move on to other countries, mainly in Western Europe, with cucked populations and weaker immigration laws.

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Anonymous said...

I think we should always refer to Israel as "The Jewish ethnostate" and nothing else.

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