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Ucuck Leader Henry Bolton
UKIP leader Henry Bolton has made a classic cuck move by dumping his girlfriend of one month after it was revealed that she was not sexually attracted to Black men. The revelation came after one of the woman's Facebook friends revealed a private message chat to the press. 

Not liking Black dick is now a hate crime.
While any normal man would be pleased that his girlfriend was not a hankering after some Black dick, the 54-year-old UKIP leader ludicrously took this as grounds for dumping his 24-year-old girlfriend, showing that we really are living in clown world.

The woman, Jo Marney, only became Bolton's girlfriend over the Xmas period, when the newly-elected UKIP leader dumped his third wife, and mother of two of his children, 42-year-old Tatiana Smurova. 

In the private message chat, Marney expressed negative views of Meghan Markle, the bride-to-be of Prince Harry, saying that her "seed" would "taint our royal family," while also expressing a personal, private opinion about Blacks in general, saying that she does not find them to be sexually attractive, adding that they are "ugly."

The comments about Markle are purely aimed at that particular individual and in line with what millions of British people already think, while her comments about not being attracted to Blacks is a personal sexual preference that anyone is entitled to have, and in no way constitutes irrational hatred of another group, which is the textbook definition of "racism." 

But so cucked are UKIP on the racial question that even a mild expression of preference like this has to be demonized as "racist" and lead to a full-blown crisis in UKIP, which has been in a pathetic downward spiral since the 2016 Brexit vote.

Speaking on television, Bolton was in full cuck mode.
"I don't defend these comments whatsoever and indeed Jo has been suspended. It's against the constitution of the party to be racist in any way," he said. "As of last night, the romantic part of our relationship has ended. We had that conversation last night when I returned from Yorkshire. The conversation will remain private, but it was a long and upsetting conversation for both of us."
Since the news broke several prominent Ukippers have demanded that Bolton step down, showing how cucked the whole party is on the question of race, while Bolton's own act of dumping his girlfriend is as much a cowardly attempt to save his job as leader, as it is a piece of abject cucking.

If there was any doubt that UKIP was dead this should end it.
Thin line: Blacks, no thank you, Welsh OK.


Anonymous said...

As a Welshman, I must complain about quips like the one in the last photo caption. Jokes like that should only be made about the Irish and the Italians.

Robert What? said...

Looks like some people just can't cuck fast enough.

Anonymous said...

ought to make the old white man suck black dick if he likes it that much. thank God this woman is a strong woman. I think she is a hero in todays upside down world

Anonymous said...

Wow I knew British politics were in a badly cucked state but damn its worse than I thought

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