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True Blue Crew with unnecessary police escort.
Members of the Australian nationalist True Blue Crew are reportedly mobilizing to "take a stand on the streets" against an epidemic of migrant crime carried out by Somalian gangs in Melbourne. 

The Crew gathered on Sunday (14th) in a secret meeting to discuss possible action to counter the rising threat of migrant crime from "shithole" countries. The first part of the meeting dealt with the "lack of action by the courts" to counter the crime wave, with criminals being let off or given extremely lenient sentences, when they should just be deported back to the "shitholes" they came from. 

The 2nd part of the meeting discussed "taking a stand" on the streets to stop people's houses being invaded and innocent people being attacked.
"It is not for the 'faint hearted'. It is time everyday Australians take a stand and take back our streets and sense of safety," a message on the group's Facebook page said.
The Crew is one of several patriotic groups that have sprung up across the country in the last few years to defend the country against the rising tide of globalism with its shock troops of Muslim refugees, who help create the conditions of anarcho-tyranny that the globalists and their Leftist allies seem to want. Other groups include the Soldiers of Odin who have bravely been carrying out patrols to improve safety on Melbourne's streets.

Meanwhile the police, who are supposed to deal with law and order crises like this, are clearly abandoning their responsibilities. On Thursday (11th), Melbourne's inefficient Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton rubbished any suggestion of an African gang crisis, calling it "complete and utter garbage" despite the large number of extremely violent attacks being carried out by what is still a relatively small -- but growing -- population of Somalians in Australia's second city.

The 2011 Census recorded 5687 Somalia-born people in Australia, an increase of 31.8% from the 2006 Census. The 2011 distribution by state and territory showed Victoria had the largest number with 3061, with most of them in Melbourne, followed by Western Australia (1045), Queensland (637) and New South Wales (628). More recent figures can be expected to show a similar rise. There are also groups from other nations considered "shit holes" by the present United States President.

Australia's initial Somali population were a "handful" of refugees from the Somalian civil war in the 1990s, but the population continues to grow through chain migration and the arrival of family members. 

Also, Somalians have an extremely high birth rate, with 5.89 births per woman, compared to Australia's suicidal 1.77. This means that Australia is essentially heading for ethnic Armageddon and a post-Apocalyptic Mad Max scenario all on its own if radical actions to address the problem are not taken. 

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