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Note the small child being cynically used by the protesters as a "shield" to deter police action.
Around 20,000 largely unwashed and stench-laden Leftist scum took to the streets of Vienna on Saturday (13th of January) to protest against the inclusion of the nationalistic Freedom Party in the new Austrian government. Luckily the protest had absolutely no effect and the Freedom Party remains firmly ensconced in government and able to exert its beneficial influence on the future of Austria against those who hate the country and its people.

Thanks to the party, which won a democratic mandate from the Austrian people by finishing second in the recent election, Austria is now part of a growing bloc of anti-immigration and Euroskeptic countries in the Central and Eastern Europe that is opposed to the anarchic globalist tendencies of the EU.

The vile protest by hate-filled Leftists and other dregs of society caused chaos and bad optics in what is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the World, as they bothered shoppers and site-seers with their slovenly appearance, badly made placards, and hateful anti-Austrian rhetoric and extremely tired memes. Disturbingly, they also used young children as "shields" for their nefarious activities, so that police would not be able to fire tear gas or plastic bullets to protect important property and lives.

Among the most tired memes deployed by the moronic Leftist protesters was calling everyone "Nazis" and comparing sensible attempts to round up roaming gangs of violent migrants to the concentration camps that were a common feature of the Soviet Union and other hateful Left-wing regimes.

Earlier this week, the Freedom Party's Herbert Kickl, who now controls the important Ministry of the Interior, won praise from all sensible people for suggesting that asylum seekers should be "concentrated" in secure accommodation.
This is because migrants are disproportionately involved in rapes and other crimes. 

Muggings and beatings are now commonplace in the historic capital city, with passersby being attacked on an almost daily basis.

Following the protest, Viennese sanitation workers probably earned overtime hosing the filth left by the Leftist scum off the streets.

"My fellow Austrian people..."

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