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In what must be the greatest humiliation ever for Donald Trump and those who voted for him, it appears that Barack Obama was actually better at meeting Trump's campaign promises than Trump himself. 

This shocking revelation came after it was revealed by the Mexican government that the Obama Administration actually sent home more illegal Mexican migrants in its final year in office than Trump did in his first year. 

According to the data released by the Mexican government Obama sent home 205,000 Mexican illegals between January and December 2016, while Trump, who had campaigned strongly on building a wall and deporting illegals, only managed to send home a measly 152,000 Mexican illegals.

This is a pathetic total, especially compared to previous GOP President, Dwight Eisenhower, who deported 1,078,168 illegal Mexican immigrants in 1954, at a time when the number of illegal immigrants in America was around a tenth of what it is now. Unlike Trump, Eisenhower did not even run on deporting illegals but did it anyway as he respected the laws of the United States.

These sad figures, along with Trump's failure to press for, let alone build, a border wall, suggest that Trump got elected by directly lying to the American public. His campaign trail anti-immigration rhetoric is increasingly looking like a ruse to stir up populist sentiment, only to use it to push for tax cuts for his billionaire friends and Neo-Con attacks on countries like Iran. 

On the present evidence, anyone thinking of voting for Trump again in 2020 must actually like being cucked by one of the biggest liars in politics.

No, but good gag.


Unknown said...

Who let the Lefty write for the Alt-Right News?

Colin Liddell said...

Umm, facts speak for themselves, or can't you count. Trump has been, let us say, a "disappointment," although an entertaining one.

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