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Not a rioter. Just a member of France's pissed off security services.
Many people -- even in the Alt-Right -- have expressed surprise at some of President Macron's recent "hard line" statements on migrants, but the fact is this is only because France is now in a state of "creeping chaos" caused by mass immigration and multiculturalism. 

This is putting special pressure on workers responsible for keeping France's basic infrastructure functioning, the only thing that ultimately separates a First World country from a Third World one.

The latest signs that France is now well on the way to collapsing into Third World status comes from the disastrous state of the Paris Metro, where drivers are now refusing to stop at certain stations because of the threat to life, and the chaos in the prison service, where violence from radicalised gangs of prisoners have forced prison wardens to go on strike. 

According to The Local, a trade union representing drivers, said that the number of attacks on travellers and staff is becoming "increasingly dramatic," with Black and Muslim gangs using Metro stations to trade drugs. The gang-related behaviour this creates is not only causing violence, such as stabbings, but is also increasing the chance of serious rail accidents. 

A union official Jean-Marc Judith commented:
"Between the brawls that occur on the platforms, which sometimes end up happening on the train or across the tracks, you could hit someone, or crush them."
One of the worst-hit stations ironically is Marx Dormoy, a metro station named after an extremist Left-wing minister who oppressed French nationalists in the 1930s. 

One of the stations where Metro drivers have refused to stop.
The decision to avoid stopping at the most dangerous stations comes after Andy Brigitte, a 22-year-old Black man from Martinique, was stabbed to death at the Ch√Ętelet-Les Halles RER station, as witnesses stood by filming and posting pictures on social media. 

The police were unable to say how many likes and reshares on social media this content produced. French news magazine L'Obs reported that Brigitte, died "agonised on the ground ... while passengers, rather than help him, filmed his agony and posted images' on social media."

But even on the rare occasions when the gangs and thugs involved in these crimes can be successfully arrested and convicted by France's cucked justice system, the story doesn't end there, as demonstrated by the breakdown of order in the prison system. 

Prison gangs, empowered by politically correct regulations that hamstring prison officers, are able to defy the authorities and effectively run the prisons themselves, with most of those gangs being Black or Muslim in nature. 

The change in the "power dynamic" has led to a series of attacks against prison guards by assertive inmates and plummeting morale among prison officers, with the only recourse being strike action

Last week, 3 officers were assaulted in an attack at Fresnes prison, south of Paris, while on Sunday (21st), two prison guards needed hospital treatment after an attack at a detention centre at Longuenesse prison, near Calais.
"This is once again an attack on the staff, we cannot stand it anymore," a spokesman for the one of the trade unions representing prison officers said. "It's a daily thing."
In a final irony, riot police were called in to deal with prison officers who were burning tyres and attempting to block access to prisons. 

The striking prison officers want more staff and the total isolation of all radicalised Muslim prisoners. Last week they rejected the latest offer by the French government. 

In modern-day multicultural France, "safety issues" and "working conditions" is merely code for "Oh fuck! We allowed too many Third Worlders into our prviously functioning country."

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