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Trump's first "State of the Union" address on Tuesday night (30th Jan) was a big hit with the audience polls tracking the public's response found, with the majority of voters giving a thumbs up. 

Even allowing for the fact that a lot of Democrat supporters didn't tune in, the speech still hit positive territory according to a CBS News poll of 1,178 people. Although only 52% identified as Trump supporters, 75% said they liked the speech. This means that even some of the 32% who identified as Trump opponents liked it, while almost all neutrals liked it.

CBS, it should be remembered is a Jewish-owned network that tends to take a negative line against Trump, as with most of the mainstream media. But even the most anti-Trump channel CNN, which is mainly watched by angry cat ladies, could not stop Trump's speech getting a 48% "very positive" impression. 

Despite running this with a churlishly negative headline that focused on the 29% of people who didn't like this, these "very positive" poll numbers exactly matched President Obama's "very positive" rating in the CNN poll carried out after his first "State of the Union" address. But then, twisting the news data in this way is exactly the reason why Trump has deemed them to be "fake news."

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