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It was meant to be the "Trial of the Century," shining a light into the hate-filled corners of British society, exposing demonic right wing plots, and neutralising the Nazi threat with astounding revelations and damning evidence. 

But the trial against the seven members of National Action ended today on a low note, with a lot of the charges being dismissed and some of the accused picking up prison time for unconvincing charges.

National Action was a (((Stormerist))) group of young British kids who got hooked on the Nazi memes purveyed by Alt-Right sites like (((TRS))) and the (((Daily Stormer))). Think of them as Atomwaffen but without the balls to actually do extremely stupid shit.

Anyway, the young, naive lads of the NA, trying to get (((Anglin)))-senpai and (((Weev)))-senpai to notice them, started "LIVING THE MEME" -- as opposed to the dream.

When Brexit-hating MP Jo Cox got shivved by deranged Scottish gardener Thomas Mair, National Action members celebrated her death, even though that act almost stopped Brexit happening. Then the group started talking about how they would like to do something similar to fat female MP Rosie Cooper.

Target of hate, Cooper
Really, there is nothing too much out of the ordinary here. Almost everybody has murderous thoughts from time to time, and directing them at Labour MPs responsible for the deteriorating condition of the UK is understandable. (For purposes of comparison, Leftists constantly fantasise about killing Donald Trump, both publicly and privately, and are seldom charged with anything.)

But this kind of thing is simply not a productive route if you are serious about improving the situation of your people. If you go too far down this road to the point of publicly fantasising about murdering someone, you are not only doing your enemies a service by portraying yourself as untrustworthy and immoral (i.e. unworthy of alliance) -- a mistake that much of the Alt-Right fell into -- but you are also destroying your own personal future prospects. 

Remember, as much as you think you are not a normie, you are a normie -- unless you have a trust fund, say. 

Yes, Richard Spencer, (((Andrew Anglin))), (((Weev))), etc., all have trust funds or their equivalent. They don't have to live with the immediate consequences of their stupidity. Others do.

In the case of the accused in this trial, they LARPed hard as Nazis who wanted to start a "race war," until their group, was actually banned by the British government as a "terrorist organisation," even though they had only ever memed. 

Then, once they were banned, it appears they LARPed some more. 

Inevitably, one of their members was a plant. The government's case is entirely based on his testimony. But the charges dropped and the sentences handed out suggest that he wasn't the most believable witness for the jury. 

So what did the accused actually get and why?

Lythgoe: 8 years in jail
for memes basically. 
The group's supposed "leader" Christopher Lythgoe, 32, was jailed for eight years on charges of being a member of a banned group. Interestingly, he was not found guilty of the charge of encouraging others to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper.

Matthew Hankinson, 24, also got six years for being a member of a banned group. 

Jack Renshaw, 23, pleaded guilty to preparing to engage in an act of terrorism by buying a knife to kill Cooper, and to threatening a police officer. But the jury failed to reach a verdict on the charge of him being a member of National Action.

The jury also failed to reach verdicts on Andrew Clarke, 33, and Michal Trubini, 35, while Garron Helm, 24, was acquitted of the same charge.

Really, these confused outcomes reveal just how strange this trial was. Rather than being a convincing exposé of a ruthless Nazi terror network as touted, it was simply a weird form of "culture clash" between the internet troll culture of shitty memes and normie culture. 

Anyway, the main point to learn from this sad little trial is that (((Stormerist))) LARPing doesn't produce positive political results and it doesn't produce positive personal results either. So, just don't do it. 

Like I said above, as much as you think you are not a normie, you fucking well are a normie -- at least in terms of having to live and work in society.

Meanwhile Leftists get away with this kind of thing all the time. 


ChanChanRight said...

i dunno, man...maybe these dudes are heroes...it's a possibility

A Harder Farter said...

This case smells....

Colin Liddell said...

Yes, for the Remain campaign, the Open Borders movement, and George Soros.

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