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Recent analysis by a top German academic has revealed that Germany is only a couple of years away from a key demographic tipping point that will see native Germans reduced to a despised and hated minority in their own country.

The analysis, carried out by Professor Adorjan F. Kovacs from the Goethe University in Frankfurt, was published under the title "Truths about the Refugee Crisis" (Wahrheiten zur Fl├╝chtlingskrise) in the German version of The European magazine.

Professor Kovac's key finding involves the 20-to-30-year-old age group, which, he has calculated, will be minority White German within 4 years. This is due to the fact that migrants are almost exclusively in this age range, and that successful asylum applicants can be expected to bring in additional family members and then reproduce at higher rates than the native population:
“The fact that the majority of so-called asylum seekers are men, means that in almost all the cases, a successful bid for family reunification will be made. This will add between three and eight extra persons per successful asylum seeker, which means that by 2020 the total number of this group will be in excess of eight million. The fact that that are currently only 11.5 million European Germans in the 20-to30-year-old age group means that by 2020—just four years away—white Germans will be an outright minority in this age category."
Next, as older generations die off, this younger generation and its descendants will start to define the character of the overall population, leading to White Germans becoming an absolute minority within decades. 
"You have to think ahead 30 years. If the majority, that is, more than 50 percent of those now living in Germany are elderly, and will have died within that time, it takes no imagination to get an idea of the composition of the future German population."

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Anonymous said...

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