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Why is the Alt-Right winning? Top Harvard academic and "big brained nibba" Steven Pinker -- author off The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature and The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined -- says he has the answer. 

Speaking at a panel discussion at Harvard University, the Jewish intellectual said it was because the Alt-Right simply told the truth, calling the kind of people drawn to our uncompromising message “highly literate, highly intelligent people.”  

“When they are exposed to true statements that have never been voiced on college campuses, in the New York Times, or in 'respectable' media, almost like to a bacillus to which they have no immunity, they are immediately infected, both with a feeling of outrage that these truths are unsayable and no defence against taking them to what we might consider to be rather repellent conclusions,” he told the stunned panel and audience.

To illustrate his thesis Pinker then cited some "hate facts" -- i.e. said things that are incontrovertibly true but which only the Alt-Right has the balls to discuss. In this way he subtly signalled to his audience that he had in fact crossed over and joined our glorious movement. The hate facts included the following:

  • Capitalist societies are better than communist ones 
  • Men and women are not identical in their life priorities, sexuality, tastes, and interests 
  • Different ethnic groups commit violent crimes at different rates

Regarding the first point, he said:

"If you doubt it just ask yourself the question, would I rather live in South Korea or North Korea? Would I rather live in West Germany in the 1970s or East Germany…? I submit that this is not really a controversial statement but on university campuses it is considered flamingly radical."

He then defended deeply ingrained sexual differences by referring to the data:

"This is not controversial to anyone who has even glanced at the data, the kind of vocational interest tests of the kind your high school guidance counsellor gave you. It's been given to millions of people, and men and women give different answers to what they want to do for a living, and how much time they want to allocate to family versus career, and so on."

While on racial differences he cited the commonly accepted databases:

"...different ethnic groups commit violent crimes at different rates. You can go to the Bureau of Justice statistics and look it up on their website. The homicide rate among African Americans is seven or eight times higher than it is among European Americans. And terrorism, go to the Global Terror database and you find that worldwide the overall majority of suicide terrorist acts are committed by Islamist extremist groups."

This major defection from academia to our movement will now kick off infighting among Alt-Righters over whether we want a Harvard Jewish intellectuals like Pinker in the movement, especially when we already have so many towering intellects.


Whoopty Do said...

Ah, don't do the stupid German thing and deport all your Jews. Not only will you not get the intellectual equivalent of the A-bomb, but you will lose all your funny people. Rather, take pride in this measure of progress, that the truth begins to penetrate even the groves of the loony left academy. No one is asking you to give him your sister.

jim said...

There are more high IQ gentiles in the USA than high IQ jews. Why? Numbers. Far more gentiles. Jewish performance has wilted of late, as even Alan Dershowitz points out. If you look at National Merit Scholars, asians are kicking Jewish ass. I'd rather have Chinese intellectuals and bankers than Jews. The former are arrogant, but not nearly approaching the level of the latter. (Never heard a Chinese person refer to themselves as the 'chosen people').

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