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When Henry Bolton  unexpectedly became UKIP leader in September, he was touted as the "acceptable and respectable face" of UKIP. This was especially the case, as he ran against popular grassroots candidate and lesbian Anne Marie Waters, who ran on a strong anti Muslim ticket.

"Acceptable" in this case simply meant being a bland civic nationalist cuck candidate who stood for nothing except Brexit and was unwilling to recognise the the problem of Islamisation let along deal with it. 

In fact, it could be said that there is nothing to distinguish Bolton from most of the people in the present day Conservative Party, except that he's probably a little weaker on immigration, favouring mass immigration from former British colonies to make up for the shortage of EU cheap labour.

But while he is a political cuck, it appears that Bolton makes up for it by being a sex-crazed chad, marrying and dumping three wives and then shacking up with a woman younger than his own daughter. 

The only problem here is that this blows his only selling point -- his dull, fusty, ex-army officer respectability -- clear out of the water.

Not only has the 54-year-old politician been married three times instead of two, as previously claimed, but it has been revealed that he dumped his latest wife, whom he only married in 2011, over Christmas for 24-year-old Jo Marney, a woman with her own chequered past, as revealed by her social media accounts, like Twitter.

As reported in scummy clickbait free newspaper, the Metro:
"The leader of UKIP has revealed that he has left his 42-year-old wife for a model aged just 25. Henry Bolton, 54, who took over from Paul Nuttall last September, admitted to starting a relationship with Jo Marney, a party member from Kent. Miss Marney, who is a model, actor and journalist, and Mr Bolton had reportedly spent a lot of time together over Christmas and had even posted pictures of themselves on social media. In one picture, Mr Bolton’s arms was around her on December 16, with the caption: ‘Fantastic Xmas dinner with our leader Henry Bolton’."
Marnie it appears as well known on the rock circuit as a "groupie," and thus can be considered a veteran of the "cock carousel." 

Rocker Nigel Mogg, formerly of the Quireboys, described her to the Daily Mail newspaper as an "opportunist obsessed with being around famous people." Journalists trawling social media have also found pictures of her with rock stars like Tom Jones and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, with whose cousin she claimed to have had a relationship. 

Ms. Marney "in the pink" with David Gilmour.
As for Bolton, his first wife was Karin Dohn, a Danish woman he met while serving in the British army in Germany. His second wife was Lidia Gouniakova, a Russian hairdresser and -- given the media hysteria that surrounds anyone meeting Russians these days -- a possible spy. His latest wife is another Slav, Tatiana Smurova.  

Based on these previous romantic choices, it seems that shacking up with his new British-born love interest is the most patriotic thing that Bolton has done yet, even if she appears to be a slapper who has been around the block a few times.

Bolton: civic nationalist cuck in public, chad in private.

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