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Things are hotting up on the border with illegal migrants becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to gain admittance to the UK and its generous welfare programs. On Sunday (19th) a Portuguese truck driver reportedly died after being punched by migrants. 

As reported by Breitbart:

A lorry driver near Calais died on Sunday evening after an altercation with three migrants who attempted to get on his truck on the motorway in an attempt to reach the UK.

The incident took place along the A16 motorway in Beuvrequen near Calais and saw the lorry driver, a Portuguese national, attempt to remove three migrants who had climbed on his vehicle. The confrontation came to blows after the stowaways were ordered to leave.

Investigators spoke to the co-driver of the lorry, another Portuguese national, who said that the migrant had physically assaulted his colleague and punched him, and the driver had then suffered a heart attack around five minutes later and died, France Bleu reports.

Truck drivers travelling to the UK via the Channel tunnel and ferries are often attacked by gangs of migrants seeking to stowaway on the trucks. In recent days, hundreds of illegal migrants have entered the UK by sailing across the English Channel in inflatable boats.  

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