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The enrichment that diversity brings has many forms, and one of the most noticeable changes are the new technologies and methods of doing things that it ushers in.

A few years ago it was the "Truck of Peace," an exciting new form of directly effecting demographic change while also encouraging "White Flight." Because London, if it is about anything, is all about demographic change, "White Flight," and the replacement of the original British population, as Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour MP Diane Abbot will readily attest.

The only drawback with the "Truck of Peace" was that it had to be driven by a fully committed Muslim, a group that can occasionally be in short supply due to "Allah akbaring" commitments elsewhere in the World. 

Now diversity has managed to improve on this method by introducing a new revolutionary non-Muslim "Truck of Peace" that can be driven by any non-white person whatsoever, especially if they have a classic third-world mixture of medium-to-low IQ and chip-on-the-shoulder, garish machismo. 

The new breakthrough in diversity technology was made by 28-year-old Jaynesh Chudasama, a young man of ethnic Indian Gujarati background, who managed to demographically eliminate three young White men before they could reproduce by driving into them at high speed with a black Audi as they were walking down a street in West London, one of the few parts of the Sadiq Khan's London that still has a sizeable White community.

The three victims have been named by police as Harry Rice, 17, George Wilkinson, 16, and Josh Mcgunniess, 16. All three boys were pronounced dead at the scene.

Chudasama’s breakthrough means that it will now be possible to carry out radical demographic change in London without first shouting "Allah Akbar." 

Too young to die, too White to live.

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