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Trump and his latest excuse not to visit the shambolic UK.
Even though Donald Trump is the most Anglophile US President in recent history -- or perhaps ever -- he has yet to visit the UK since being elected President. 

His recent decision to cancel a trip to London to open the new US embassy follows this surprising pattern, and raises the question: Why is Donald Trump avoiding a country that he clearly loves?

The reason for this is simple. It is because the capital city of the UK is effectively under the control of a multicultural Leftist mob, who are effectively allowed to riot whenever they decide to feel offended about anything. Adding to this, the British police are now cucked by political correctness to an almost incredible extent, greatly hindering their effectiveness against hysterical mobs mouthing Leftist platitudes.

The fact that Britain technically has a Conservative government makes little difference in all this. In fact, it probably adds to the anarchy by making the Left feel more irresponsible while the Cuckservative Right feel apologetic about being in government and having to make routine unpopular decisions. 

In fact, getting the Left to rabidly hate on Donald Trump instead of endlessly criticise the endlessly dysfunctional British National Health Service is actually win-win for them. 

But the result of all this is that a toxic environment has now been created where everyone knows that, if or when Donald Trump visits, a major riot will ensue, which also works like a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the fact that everyone expects it actually ensuring it. 

Trump is smart enough to realise this, which is why he used the excuse of "not liking" the new US embassy building in London to avoid an ugly situation. In short, the Leftist mob rule London and can act with relative impunity, safe in the knowledge that the UK's leaders will do nothing to stop them. 

The real reason Trump won't visit the UK.


frontiers said...

Americans think the world of British people and Britain. I don't understand. Did we do something bad to cause this?

tito perdue said...

To show my regard for Andrew's jigaboo fiance, I'm sending the charming couple a fried chicken and half a watermelon!

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