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One Year of Donald Trump’s Rule! Who ever thought we would get this far? Let’s take a look at what I cheekily call "Trump Year Zero," as I do believe his appearance on the world stage represents a true paradigm shift in global geopolitics, both nationally and internationally. The term "Year Zero" has an air that is both messianic and evocative of the shock/horror of Pol Pot's radical takeover of Cambodia So, that sure is a fun mix. But, first some housekeeping, a little back story, and a few small caveats.

Even within Alt Right and Alt Lite circles, I am considered a bit of a one-eyed Trump supporter. I take that as a fair assessment. I have never openly sworn my allegiance to the Alt Right or Alt Lite, and probably gravitate to the more non-White Nationalist Alt Lite end that tends to see protecting Western Civilisation in itself as the most suitable focus for our efforts in the oversensitive political climate of the day, but I have publicly endorsed Donald Trump. That’s not always an easy road, especially when one works in the arts and cinema scenes down-under or otherwise.

I have a keen intellectual interest in the New Right and especially the new Right Wing Populism that has swept many electoral polls across the West, of which Trump and Brexit were the two most stunning examples. This interest of mine dates back to my study of Right-wing political thought and my degree in political philosophy from La Trobe University (1999-03). I have been accused of being Alt-Right-esque (along with people like Jordan Petersen, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnes, Stefan Molyneux, and a host of others), and that is probably a fair enough statement as this new politics does indeed interest me and I am a sporadic contributor here for Alternative Right, overseen by Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki, two of the smarter, more switched-on, dialectical, humorous, and interesting voices in the broader New Right. So, considering all this, I thought I might take a look back over Donald Trump’s first year—or, as I determined to call it, "Donald Trump, Year Zero!"

First, a little history of my previous writing on the Trump juggernaut. I predicted Trump’s win as early as February 2016, with my essay here, "Trump and the Metapolitics of Winning." I was one of the first to note the incredible hostility to Trump from the mainstream US media and Washington establishment in my essay "Get Trump." I hinted that a few Globalists might get on board "Team Trump" before he won, and just in case he did. I also wrote two influential pieces, where I compared Donald Trump to the "benevolent gangster trope," rather like the character of Don Corleone in The Godfather. Steve Bannon made a few Don references apropos Trump along the same lines, which made me wonder whether he had read them.

Anyway, the one-year anniversary is an auspicious time to look back over Trump’s annus mirabilis (or horribilis if you prefer) and see the many things he has done, the things he has had difficulty doing, and the obstacles that stand in the way of him fully achieving his vision.

To say that Trump's victory took the elite by surprise is like saying that the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD took the the people of Pompeii by surpirise. Yes, they were surprised as f**k, and almost turned to stone, like those figures buried under the ash of the Roman volcano. They were seared by the "Trump Combustion" that blasted through the corridors of power that day, and overwhelmed what they thought was an invincible bulwark in the person of Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what you think of Hillary, she was and is a tough competitor. Ask any of her main critics and leakers! Oh, you can't, can you, as they are dead, LOL.

It’s been a busy year for the Don after sidelining the opposing Clinton Crime Family. I would like to outline some of his key achievements in my more Meta view of his Presidency.

I think the number one achievement of Trump is he is a true Paradigm Shifter, grabbing the wheel of Western Civilisation and steering it away—potentially—from a few large icebergs and tidal pools that lay ahead. Bret Easton Ellis called him "The Great Disruptor" on his podcast show, and I think the title sticks for me. He is the greater upsetter of apple carts and over turner of various cosy games of monopoly—both public and private—that were under way.

The effect of Trump and his difference of vision and direction has far exceeded any other President of the postwar era. It was a startling breath of fresh air and it certainly connected with enough of the electorate to sweep him to power. He’s what my old political philosophy professor Robert Farrell might have called "a circuit breaker." When a moribund system is so corrupt and slowed down by the very entropy of its own ennui, something has got to give. And Trump is that something, that catalyst, popping the bubble of a small-L "liberal" world.

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