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When Henry Bolton was elected leader of UKIP a few months ago, it seemed like a stitch up. He was relatively unknown and Ann Marie Waters -- a strong critic of Islamization -- had a groundswell of support from the members. But since then, Bolton has come into his own, dumping his 3rd wife for a much younger woman, whom the mainstream media thinks is a nasty "racist."

In the circumstances, Bolton did the predictable thing for a UKIP leader and officially separated from his new girlfriend. But, this being 21st century Britcuckistan, just his mere association with a woman who tweeted that she didn't fancy Black men and thought Prince Harry's bride-to-be would 'taint" the Royal Family, was grounds enough to oust him from the UKIP leadership.

The driving force here is the party's National Execute Council (NEC), a select group of Party insiders whose main job is to steer the party perpetually in the wrong direction, while doing the opposite of what the grass roots members want.

Using the absurd excuse that Bolton had shown "unacceptable incompetence" merely because he was the subject of a few gutter press stories, the NEC yesterday  passed a motion of no confidence in Bolton, voting 14 votes to one, the one vote against being that of Bolton himself. In addition to this, most of the party's main spokesmen have now resigned from their positions.

The unanimity and speed with which these groups acted was designed to make it impossible for Bolton to continue on as leader and so force his resignation. 

But rather than following that script, Bolton has dug his heels in and refused to go, forcing the NEC to call a General Meeting of members to vote on the issue. 

Bolton is now banking on the rank-and-file members to save him. But he is also going on the offensive, saying that if they vote for him, he will have a mandate to change the members of the NEC and greatly reduce its power in the party.

This is also what the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage clearly wants, having had many run-ins with the NEC during his time as leader. Now Farage has come out and thrown his considerable weight behind Bolton. 

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Farage said:
"As one party spokesman after another resigns, I am reminded of the nightmare Jeremy Corbyn faced in 2016 when 21 members of his shadow cabinet resigned. Corbyn was written off by the press, but the rank and file membership saved him.

If Bolton has the courage and the vision to introduce a new constitution, and shows that he can be a strong spokesman for Britain leaving the single market, taking back its fisheries and restoring pride in the UK, he may well surprise all of his critics too."
There are three points to make here. First, Bolton and Farage are essentially civic nationalist cucks by Alt-Right standards, so even if the NEC are worse than them, none of this means very much, outside its entertainment value. 

Second, the NEC's main function is to restrict the populist impulses of the rank-and-file members of the party. As these impulses have at least the potential to push things in a more nationalist direction, anything that weakens the NEC is probably a good thing. 

Third, the move to get rid of Bolton is relying, to an absurd extent, on stretching the R-word beyond all sanity, with the NEC now saying that even if you kowtow to the PC shibboleths, as Bolton has done, you can still be cast out because a person you associated with is later shown to have said un-PC things. 

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