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Holding an onion in one hand and a tube of menthol in the other, actor and producer Alec Baldwin claimed in his latest tearful interview that he had not, in fact, fired the fatal shot that killed female cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. 

The shooting occurred in October on the set of the straight-to-video movie "Rust," in which Balwin is the star and also the producer. 

Sobbing uncontrollably, the 63-year actor admitted that the gun had been in his "general vicinity" but that a "small gust of wind" had actually pulled the trigger, not him, instantly killing Hutchins.

"I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger," Baldwin insisted. "Never, never, ever. In fact my fingers are completely the wrong shape, like bananas, and are completely unable to go through the trigger guard."

He then held up his hands to show the interviewer exactly what he meant:

"See, how could I have ever shot anyone with fingers like these?" he screamed.

Police are still checking out his earlier story that "desert goblins disguised as tumbleweed" reloaded the prop gun with deadly live ammunition while he was having a nap.

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