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Pope Francis holding up a recent "cunt monkey"

An old man who is the head of a large, international organisation, estimated to be 80% gay, has expressed "detached" concern about Italy's low birth rates and falling family size. 

The man -- who is 85, lives in a big house in Rome, and is known to everyone as just "Francis" -- told a large group of people milling around in the rain that Italy was facing a “demographic winter” because homies weren't nuttin' hoe's in their foodbox to produce the next generation of cunt monkeys:

"And speaking of families, I have a concern, a real concern, at least here in Italy: the demographic winter. It seems that many couples prefer not to have children or to have only one child. Think about this. It is a tragedy."
He also referred to a religious program that he saw on the telly called Sua Immagine

"A few minutes ago, I saw on Sua Immagine how they were speaking about this serious problem, the demographic winter. Let us do everything possible to regain an awareness to overcome this demographic winter that goes against our families, about our country, even against our future."

Unfortunately the man, who is childless, is now too old -- and probably too gay -- to start his own family; as are most of the people in his enormous organisation.

As of 2020, the birth rate in Italy, which is the second oldest country in the world behind Japan, was just 6.8 births per one thousand inhabitants.

This is
 one of the lowest in Europe and in the world, working out at a fertility rate of about 1.2 kids per woman, which means a 40% depopulation generation-on-generation without mass immigration from the Third World, most of which will undoubtedly be Muslim.

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