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The latest by-election result form Britain suggests that the voters' patience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson is wearing thin.

Until yesterday Shropshire North had voted reliably Conservative for the last 2,000 years, but then this happened:

This was a massive swing against the Tories in what was formerly a safe seat:

So safe, indeed, that the Tories were trying to put in another ethnic Indian to show how "woke" they are:

"Hello fellow English people"

It didn't help that Labour voters clearly voted tactically or that the Tories chose a non-White candidate in an overwhelmingly White area -- as if the Tories didn't have enough Indians in the top job!

Sure, the voters were pissed at the Tories because the previous MP stepped down for breaking the rules on lobbying, but this looks like something more than that.

The voters are now blaming Boris for the endless nightmare of Covid restrictions that the government has been imposing on them for the last two years that clearly haven't done anything.

It's probably not even Boris's fault. Almost anyone else you could name as Prime Minister from the Labour or Conservative Parties would have bumbled along in exactly the same way.

But the Mandate of Heaven can be a real bitch. If you're in power and bad things happen then you'll be in the firing line whether you caused them or not.  

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