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One of the most surprising guests on this year's Millenniyules was James Delingpole. That's a real coup for Millennial Woes.

This is because Delingpole is pretty much a mainstream normie Conservative, who is the chief of cuckservative site Breitbart London and someone who also writes for "woke" newspapers like the Times and the Daily Telegraph.

Millennial Woes, despite cultivating a "soft cuddly" image, is essentially a Nazi podcaster. Hope Not Hate would definitely tell you that, but, of course, they would say that anyway. I mean, they think Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula are Nazis. That's how stupid they are.

But regardless of that, Woes himself is clearly a Nazi as proved by these tweets (since deleted along with his Twitter account):

There is also his constant pushing of the Alt-Right's Jewish Panotheory on countless podcasts. 

In fact, when he isn't talking about how gay he was or how blackpilled he is, he's usually banging on about the Jews as "the reason" for all the degeneracy in the world, which is obviously a major cope for a degenerate like him.

But, of course, it's not just Woes himself. Many of other guests on Millenniyule this year are out-and-out Nazis and Hitler worshippers.

For example Greg Johnson the head of Neo-Nazi website Counter-Currents, and Millennial Woes's paymaster, is a well known Hitler lover. 

Grindr Greg

Not only is he the World's foremost expert on Hitler groupie Savitri Devi, but is clearly a Hitler groupie himself, based on countless private messages, as well as public statements. In his essay "The Burden of Hitler," Johnson literally bends over backwards to defend his hero:

"Make no mistake: Adolf Hitler, whatever his faults, was a loyal white man who fought and died not just for Germany, but for our race as a whole. Blaming Hitler is morally obscene..."

Elsewhere, like Woes, he puts the blame for all the bad stuff on the Jews. 

Indeed, there seems to be quite a Counter-Currents contingent on this year's Millenniyules, with several other frequent contributors. I spotted the following: 

• Mark Gullick
• Jim Goad
• F. Roger Devlin
• Nix Jeelvy
• Gregory Hood
• Karl Thorburn
• John Morgan
• Nix Jeelvy

All of these have ideological positions that are either deeply pro-Nazi or blindly tolerant of Naziism. They wouldn't be at Counter-Currents otherwise, or on Millenniyule.

But there are plenty of other Nazis on the guest list this year.

Meet Frodi Midjord. Here he is with anti-Jew nutter E. Michael Jones, also a former guest on Millenniyule

Frodi, the soft-spoken Faroe Islander, is a hard-Nazi activist who runs the Scandza Forum, an international speaking event that actually includes a SWASTIKA in its logo!!!

Here is Professor Kevin MacDonald obviously tricked into standing next to it:

What do you mean, you can't see it?

OK, here it again, this time with Mike Enoch:

There, see it now?

Frodi is well-known on the Euro-Nazi scene, attending events like the Pact of Steel Nazi metal event in the Ukraine. 

Here is Frodi pictured there with Olena Semenyaka, while the guy with the funny moustache is Hendrik Möbus. Not shown is Greg Johnson who was also present according to this paper.

Oh you've never heard of Hendrik and Olena! Well, Olena's something of a "Ukrainian nationalist" or maybe "Nazi" would be a more appropriate term. That's her below, second from right: 

Hendrik, the other guy in the previous photo with Frodi, is the main force and only permanent member of the National Socialist Black Metal band Absurd. Yes, Nazi Metal -- check out the lyrics sometime, and maybe dig up this guy's pretty interesting back story (English version here). He seems to have been good pals with the Atomwaffen morons/Feds/shills.  

I'm sure that Woes will have very cosy Millenniyule chats with Frodi and Johnson, his fellow Nazis.

Now, who else is on this year's Millenniyule? Oh, there's lovable goofball RamZPaul!

Despite posing as "just an innocent Nationalist" RamZPaul is a little more hard core than most people suspect.

Here he is bro-chadding with Harold Covington:

Harold Covington???

Oh that Harold Covington:

RamZ also constantly lets the mask slip with tweets like this:

And guests like this:

Yes, that's Alex McNabb from TRS on Ramz's "Happy Homelands" podcast (yes, "HH" -- wonder what that is code for?).

TRS, of course, is the totally Jew-obsessed website founded by out-and-out Jew hater and self-hating Jew Mike Enoch, who is, of course, also a Millenniyule guest this year.

Many of the other guests have said pretty Nazi-esque things over the years. Here is J.F. Gariepy pushing the Nazitard theory that the Jews started WWII:

Really, if you throw a rock in the Millenniyule guest pool you're almost bound to hit a real, genuine Nazi, and not just some milquetoast nationalist concerned about immigration and Western women's self-imposed shit fertility rates.

There, that gives you a little taster of just how Nazi the whole Millennial-sphere is, something a mainstream journo like Delingpole should have been more aware of before jumping straight in.

I wonder if he'll be on next year, or even have a career in journalism. 


alan B'Stard M P said...

is there a a problem here?

Colin Liddell said...

Two problems:
(1) The Alt-Right's Jewish Panotheory is clearly wrong and retarded.
(2) Woes is a Nazi but does optics cucking most of the time to fool non Nazis like Delingpole to associate with him. Glad to see Godfrey Bloom had enough sense to pull out at the last minute.

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