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On Thursday 2nd December, there was a by-election in the London constituency of Old Bexley and Sidcup. The reason was the death of the previous MP James Brokenshire, who died unexpectedly at the age of 53.

As usual, the winner was one wing of the Labour-Conservative Uniparty. But the Dissident Right also had a reasonably good result, getting almost 10% of the vote. 

Unfortunately the vote was split between several "micro parties." 
  • Reform UK (Richard Tice) 1,432 -- 6.6%
  • English Democrats (Elaine Cheeseman) 271 -- 1.3% 
  • UKIP (John Poynton) 184 -- 0.8%
  • Heritage Party (David Kurten) 116 -- 0.5
  • Christian People's Alliance (Carol Valinejad) 108 -- 0.5%

None of these are "hard core" nationalist parties, because institutional power is used to prevent such parties running in the UK. But these are all parties with a civic nationalist outlook, namely right-wing on social policies and restrictionist on immigration.

Out of
64,831 registered electors, 21,733 voted, less than one third, suggesting that most voters felt disenfranchised by the choices offered. The 2,111 votes for the Dissident Right micro parties, however, is just under 10% of the vote. 

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